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When keeping it artisanal goes wrong.
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Originally Posted by TWorksheets View Post

Long shot, but can any Canadians give me advice on the following?

I ordered something from the UK via Royal Mail and provided the correct address but the wrong postal code.

The Royal Mail tracking info only goes up to when the package entered Canada. Canada Post does not recognize the Royal Mail tracking # despite the item entering Canada last week. Is there anything I can do to track the package within Canada? Is it likely to be rerouted to the correct address once they realize the postal code is wrong or am I screwed?


Can't say about Royal Mail specifically, and I don't think it should matter, but I have gotten my postal code wrong in the past and they still delivered it to the correct address.

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That hem looks a little too accidental to me, I don't imagine it would be an easy job fixing it though.

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I must be the only one who actually likes the hem.
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it isn't bad, i bet it looks a lot better worn than just hanging there
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^i was thinking the same
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I still thought it was a bit odd when I tried it on (the blazer). Looked really cool when the guy who runs Gullam layered the two pieces though.

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It looks alright if you're a Devoa Dude but for anyone who wants to wear it as a normal blazer it's a bit much

Devoa has some great ideas but some of the quirky design decisions have been throwing me off lately. I just want them to put out the 2010 FW pants again!!
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Yea I find a lot of the jackets with weird hems / another layer underneath really need the jodhpur style pants to work out. Or maybe you just need to already look like a samurai.  

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Everyone who buys that Devoa jacket should have their tailor remove the longer part of the hem and then mail that little triangle of fabric back to Devoa. The company mailbox will be bursting with asymmetry. Bet you weren't expecting that, Daisuke
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Only half the ppl who buy that jacket should have their tailors trim off that triangle of fabric. They should mail it to the other half so that their tailors can attach it to the shorter side to balance it out.
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i loled really hard to that
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RIP Lauren Bacall

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