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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

RIP Robin Williams. frown.gif

comedy died a little today...
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Don't speak ill of the dead

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Original Bapesta Robin Williams will be greatly missed frown.gif

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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Meermin oxford on the Hiro last is elegant

My next black cap toe oxford will probably be that pair from Meermin after my Barney's pair crap out.

That said, check out Barney's. If your size is sold out try calling to ID brick&mortar stores as there is a chance they'll have a pair on he floor. Barney's mainline is good when on sale IME, ~$150, especially if you only need it on occasion.

Barney's own brand is a pretty good bet for things like that - basic chukkas, black oxfords, etc... and they can often be had for a really good price.  Saks can be decent for that type of thing as well. 


Honestly though, I feel that having a good pair of black oxfords is not a bad idea, for anyone.  Mine are Sutor Mantellassi, but I may get a pair of Edward Greens, just to have them.  That, a good charcoal suit (look to pick one up during Yoox sales, get it tailored fairly conservatively), a blue mini-herringbone shirt, a white broadcloth or popline, and a few soporific ties (I'd say something blue, something maroon, and something like a grenadine or a knit), will serve for just about any sort of wedding except for a beach wedding, or a Ren-fayre theme wedding.  And if you are in your mid-to-late twenties or early thirties, and, well, have friends, you'll probably get a decent amount of use out of the one suit, even if your daily life never requires you to put on a suit and tie.

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I should have bought sips alpaca.

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Long shot, but can any Canadians give me advice on the following?

I ordered something from the UK via Royal Mail and provided the correct address but the wrong postal code.

The Royal Mail tracking info only goes up to when the package entered Canada. Canada Post does not recognize the Royal Mail tracking # despite the item entering Canada last week. Is there anything I can do to track the package within Canada? Is it likely to be rerouted to the correct address once they realize the postal code is wrong or am I screwed?
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It was sold to Jehovah's Witness and they will be at your doorstep soon trying to sell you on their religious beliefs in return for your parcel.
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Devoa, why do you do things like this?? This weird asymmetrical hem..

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OTOH, this is awesome:

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ArchiveSF has a version without the asymmetric hem, although it looks like most Japanese stores are getting the former. It also doesn't have the throne collar :confused:

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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

OTOH, this is awesome:
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

This has to be one of the most Uncontrol items I've ever seen. Clearly you must buy it. Now.

Unrelated: Dana Lee stock chinos are even more relaxed fit than I expected. I can't tell if it works in a rumpled authorial-looking kind or way or if they just look sloppy.
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FUCK that asymmetrical hem is the one i'm getting. FUCK. was not expecting that from the preview pics during the presale
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You have enough Devoa that you can rock that asym hem no problem ;)

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i am seriously considering getting the asymmetrical hem removed at a tailor
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Originally Posted by notwithit View Post

This has to be one of the most Uncontrol items I've ever seen. Clearly you must buy it. Now.

I already have this, though ...

And can't afford the Devoa, anyway :')
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