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No way. Josh transcended modeling. Josh transcended clothing. Josh was life.
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^ lol WTF. Josh looks like Caucasian version of City of Gentlemen 

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I'm an idiot and realized the reason my Sifr stuff didn't arrive is because it was being shipped to my old address.  I guess I'll be paying shipping again once the stuff arrives back in Singapore marked undeliverable :[

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Originally Posted by dieworkwear View Post

Some 11 year old girl stole a pair of shoes and an alligator belt off my porch once. The only reason why I know it was her is cause I saw her walking in my neighborhood a few weeks later, wearing $500 shoes that were too big for her and an oversized alligator belt.

Anyway, the alligator belt was from eBay, and I contacted the seller to see what we could do. Paypal and eBay ended up covering everything. I don't think I even had to give them a police report. They refunded my money and let the seller keep what I paid him. I imagine it's just chalked up to insurance or whatever.

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If you really wanted an item but took a day too long to decide and it was gone, is it god's way of telling you that you didn't want it badly enough anyway?

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I don't think god particularly cares whether or not you didn't buy the item you really wanted
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Interesting that he'd leave Hermes even as its RTW sales have increased by 16%. Must mean his own line is doing well enough to keep him afloat.
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where can I get black linen shorts in a good quality? Its too warm in stockholm right now, cant handle it.
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Since steamers are too basic amirite?
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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Since steamers are too basic amirite?

I don't get it. So it does act as a steamer, or no?

Edit: Apparently it is just a giant steamer, mixed with some chemical scents.
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post


That thing would destroy your clothes. Steam can take all the three-dimensional shaping out of a jacket, delaminate any fusing, and cause seams to pucker. Here's an Oxxford jacket, for example, recently listed on MyHabit.

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Well I'd probably get it installed for shirts and tees. I like @gdl203 comment about suits and jackets and the minimum dry cleaning needed.

Even for shirts I would be weary as it might flatten the collar roll.
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That suit is from Oxxford's "The Morning After" line. Not visible are the carefully embroidered dark spots on the pants
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