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I wouldn't normally do this, but I think little Alice has shown her face enough on this site that I don't feel too shy about it.


As a reminder, she is this little monster:


Photo 1 of 2


This weekend she was attacked in the dog park and had her jaw broken, requiring surgery.


She's gotten a root canal, wires to hold things in place, and a plastic jaw on top.  She will fortunately recover, but will likely have a wonky jaw / crooked smile.  It all looks very promising though, so we're all relieved that it's worked out well so far.


To help with this, we're having a little fundraiser at the park in Williamsburg so if anybody wants to come by that would be more than appreciated!





For those of you that aren't local, there is also a link to donate towards her surgery if you feel so inclined.  Any help is much, much appreciated!  If I'm in violation of any rules feel free to remove the link, but please keep up the info about the fundraiser this weekend for any locals!



EDIT: I should clarify that I am not the legal owner of little Alice.  She is one of my best friend who lives around the corner's dog, but we've been with her from the start and helped with everything that went along with the initial rescue (she was abandoned at around 12 weeks by an owner with depression and a drug addiction whose therapist said a dog would help) and we consider her a part of the family. I don't want to be misleading in any way about this, so sorry if I was.

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Why is the other dog's owner not liable?

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@conceptual 4est that's a cute shih tzu, I hope she gets better.

Post it in @lefty dog thread, I believe he's a NY local.
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Jesus, conceptual. Really sorry to hear about your dog. Hope she recovers quickly, and glad she wasn't more seriously injured.
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Originally Posted by ridethecliche View Post

Why is the other dog's owner not liable?



They are, and they're helping out how they can, but it's not really easy on anyone involved to have to put a dog through surgeries, hence the fundraiser(s).

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I have a couple sweaters (Pringle) which my dad bought in the 60's and which I started wearing in the 80's that I still wear. I bought my first pairs of modern selvedge jeans in about 1998-99 - one pair of LVC 47's that are worn out, and a pair of Denime that I still wear. I have a Dries suit I bought in around 2002 but it's not that great, though I still wear it on occasion. My style has evolved but it hasn't changed in a major way for a long time.
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really wish i could still find knits like this

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looks awesome? what is it?
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here's another one, so mad i didn't cop any of them


old margiela used to regularly do silk knits
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Jet, remember that colorblock Dries that looked so promising? frown.gif
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Who was it that was going to Myanmar and how was it?
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Believe it was @nicelynice and @thatoneguy
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I just got back, NN will be going later this year iirc.

It was pretty incredible, now is the time to go. It will change very fast. Watch the parts unknown episode (season 1 ep. 1), it represents the country very accurately.

some of my pictures:

pretty disappointed in my pics honestly. I ended up getting food poisoning early on and was just not in the mood for pictures the rest of the time lol
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I have seen that Bourdain episode, it was the reason I got interested in going.

It looks pretty much like I imagined/expected, a bit like Thailand before it got ruined by tourists and drugs.

I never travel anywhere without Imodium, finding/using a public toilet in a foreign country, isn't on my "to do list".
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Imodium would have been nice shog[1].gif

I've mastered the squat toilet to say the least
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