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All this talk about kurtas making me think about turning one of my long shirts into one
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I've gone full hypebeast - wearing a pair of Visvim Skagways right now.  Went with the size 11.  tbh, I am probably between sizes, but I would be afraid that if I got the 10, they would pince my toes (they are fairly narrow at the toebox, and I'd never wear them.  I am essentially wearing expensive versions of what I would have worn in college, but with more wrist jewelry.


Incidentally, don't let me jinx it, but this is the most fashion thought talk I've read on this thread for some time, between the comparisons between Christophe Lemaire and Damir Doma, and the talk about minimalist vs. maximalist (i.e. storage unit) wardrobes.  Please don't stop.

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^I have a thankless job tongue.gif
Originally Posted by sipang View Post

Gotcha. I guess I like it for the exact reasons you dislike it :^)
You know how I feel about Dries but I actually prefer the Lemaire look here, let's fight

All the same, I'm much more interested in womenswear these days. All our discussions of what's good/not are meaningless in this context. It's all just so much better and I dragged poor @A Fellow Linguist through endless collections I think he's suspicious of me now ...
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^this! Thread rocks right now.
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Yeah, the thing with Lemaire is that he seems to enjoy using the colour palette that was most common in times when dyes weren't as advanced ..

I think thats a good thing in many cases.
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ok i should clarify , i'm not saying what he does = dries, hack, eg peir wu etc.
the peir wu was what satisfies the generic criteria (feelings) B!CD listed for why he enjoys it. if that's what i was after then she instills the same emotions in me.

I fully agree with that ...
Originally Posted by the shah View Post

my point is every time i see a picture or an item on a rack from Lemaire I can't help but to think , oh there's someone else who's done this better: nicer fabric, more interesting print, greater exaggeration of proportions

...and that.

Recent Lemaire I like:

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I reallt don't see much of Dries in Christophe Lemaire, neither in Dries romanticism, nor in the actual proportions of the clothes.  Maybe I'm missing something...

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I've kinda gone off looking at collections as a whole, so I don't really care about themes as such.
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Having bad luck with non payers on ebay lately, 3 times in a row now
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I don't sell much on eBay but a few months ago I sold 5 things and 2 buyers didn't pay. That had never happened to me before.
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do yang li blazers fit tts or slightly big?
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Originally Posted by Baron View Post

I don't sell much on eBay but a few months ago I sold 5 things and 2 buyers didn't pay. That had never happened to me before.

Hopefully you didn't send anything.
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

neither of these seem to be in CL's works. he is drawing on so many influences it's all over the place. skinny bottoms with larger tops, corse fabrics, unlfattering cuts but not in some ironic way, at times random colors thrown's as if you take dries, hackermann, EG, make them all bad, and twist their threads into one collection....was never impressed handling the stuff

Care to elaborate on this? With his brands aesthetic aside, is the quality of materials/fabrics, and construction poor for how basic his collections are? or are the seasonal fabrics just very generic. F/W garments to be specific. 

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Lemaire's first SS collection (2013??) that I saw was fucking gorgeous. The stuff in Luisviaroma for pre-order looks, in some ways, absolutely sensational.


I don't think it flatters people without a fairly skinny build, though I've not had the pleasure of trying it on.

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kurta + suit


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for some reason I think that would look way better with orange juice or tomato sauce dribbling down the entire length of the kurta
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siki im has done a few versions, some better than others (you have to search for "tunic" rather than kurta to find them online). i like this one, for instance, with the band collar and off-center placket:

there's also the regular centered placket. looks cool under a blazer (jenke ahmed tailly is the guy pictured):

I didn't like the cargo pocket tunic as much though. can't really layer stuff over it easily, and layering stuff over top is one of the best things about a really long shirt like that. felt a little clunky to me.
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