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i wrote another fragrances post since it seemed so slow in here and i had time to try out CDG 2 and Black again. then it got lost. briefly, a half retype:

2 once it dries down or whatever you say, is like baby powder on roses. Basically, no thanks.

Black is cool. Cinnamon and nutmeg, lingers strongly. Not for me exactly, but great for somebody.

But now that the 2 on my wrist is being overpowered by the Black on my forearm, I'm kind of enjoying what I can smell of 2. If I were going somewhere that I figured everyone would be wearing heavy scents, like some packed UNC bar, I'd wear 2. I might try it in other circumstances in tiny, tiny amounts.
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On the note of black boots are there any out there that have a similar shape to the Yang Li ones from last season?

Might invest a new pair of sleek black boots.
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i dont always lift but when i do i prefer to wear dick owens

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He should spend more time lifting and less taking selfies.
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One guy in my gym was lifting shirtless and we had to get a committee together to tell him his back hair was scaring the nice old ladies doing calisthenics
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the Gym Senate Committee on Concealing Scary Back Hair
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Originally Posted by 1969 View Post

good clothing stores besides Independence or Barney's in Chicago?



Saint Alfred!

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It's nice ordering from stores on the east coast and getting the items in 1-2 days.
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Originally Posted by conceptual 4est View Post



Saint Alfred!

Apartment No 9 for standard SW+D stuff

George Greene--no online presence at all, but last time I was there had eclectic mix of Kiton, Chrome Hearts, Yohji, and, like, Band of Outsiders

Paul Stuart for fogey style if you're not in NY much

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Gallery aesthete, wherever that is
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Gallery aesthete, wherever that is

haha. it is super hidden. you take this elevator to the 4th floor and it's like your in another world. lol. I just happened to walk past this dude that was handing out flyers for the shop and I was like oh yeah I heard about this place.

It's really small but they have a lot of cool stuff in there.
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When in London, eat pizza at Franco Manca or Pizza Pilgrims. They're basically the two best pizzerias in the city, and pretty cheap at around £8. Pizza Pilgrims is good 'cause you can sit upstairs and watch all the weirdos in Soho walk past.

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Pizza east at soho house had a prawn pizza last time I went, which was amazing.
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Pizza East is good, but not as good as the other two. And it's more expensive.

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Can't remember the price, but it was good.
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