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WTF is the dude in the background of the last picture wearing.
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Not sure but dude was copping like crazy - some rich dudes from China
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Looks like you got to meet city of gentlemens brother.

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Yeah I've replied to that email like 3 times and haven't heard back from them or seen the charge on my card. Might call my bank to see if they're blocking the transaction or something.
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Only thing that bugs me about A+R jackets is how the collars never drape against the neck but sorta hover around it.

But then again, if Oberyn can rock dat collar gap, maybe it's not so bad

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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

I want to see zissou in jil sander
Well, at 6'2", 155, I think there is a good chance it would fit.
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I don't own any jil era jil neither should you z.
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Why? What's wrong with jil era jil?
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How long does it usually take to get a refund to a debit card?
Would have thought it would show up on my online bank right away as pending.
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

I want to see zissou in jil sander

zissou is married, man!
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There's a really sick black and blue knit for DH F/W 14. It's marled, but each yarn is also marled. There's also really nice detailing in the knit pattern around the shoulders including the trademark scar. It's $1450. shog[1].gif

There was a hapa dude at The Archive with a Plokhov (maybe) MA-1 trying on some Devoa. He was visiting his biracial parents who were checking stuff out and really into the everything even though they were dressed totally "normal". They also didn't pass out after looking at the price tags. Blew my mind.

A1923 back zips going to be $2750 for Fall at The Archive (pre CA tax). Dafuq man.
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i've had really great luck with grailed thus far. super convenient and makes more sense than having sellers split between ebay/sf/sufu/sz/etc.
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Originally Posted by Donut View Post

Anybody know where I can cop some cheap(sub $150) circle/round lens sunglasses? I want to try the style out but I don't want to pay the big bucks for Dries x Linda Farrow or the Margiela x Mykita.

Only option for around that price range seems to be Supreme but I was hoping to find a pair a little cheaper.
illesteva for thicker round frames or vintage for thin metal ones.
Maybe even moscot?
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ahhh so after switching from my moisturizer w/ spf to a separate moisturizer and sunscreen, i've discovered it's indeed the sunscreen that leaves annoying white marks on my jacket collars. and i'm not sure switching to another sunscreen would fix the problem.

do you all just not apply sunscreen to yo necks?
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the neck is the only place i apply sunscreen
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