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Some pics from Drew's place in Korea if y'all are interested

Snaps don't do the place justice (just fired off a couple from my table because I thought "some dudes from the internet might wanna see this!!"), food was fantastic and the interior was beautiful. And as always, it's delightful to hear Drew expound upon the wholesale price of zippers sea bass

Will stop by whenever I'm in Seoul for sure

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livin the dream man

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Wow beautiful spot. Thanks for the pics nicelynice. Down for a SF meetup.. generally get off work by 7ish smile.gif
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

is this real life? are we having a serious discussion about the fucking Fedora Lounge?

Actually*, I'm pretty sure it's styleforum.

* term used intentionally but ironically
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Credit for best Mauro-related post of all time goes to naaaaate:
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Originally Posted by APK View Post

At the risk of opening a can of worms, I'm glad the WvG shirting is doing and looking well, because the front page of this forum has two threads that are sore reminders of the denim disasters from last year. And I feel like I've seen 15 posts from poor connor to the effect of "What's going on?" with regards to contest reward collab.

OKAY so we are just now find out the factory 'screwed the pooch' sizes xs-xxl of our After-Diner shirting because of a design oversight and allbody please -CALM DOWN-. now what happen is that there are no "hand holes" at the ends of each sleeve and both sleeves connect to each one another at the end to make an O shape like an ouroboros but if you do not need hands to do anything it Not Gonna Be a Big Deal No Way Jose. you guys are LUCKY DUCKY this was only one of the "design mixup" that were left in my pattern by the iguana I hired on as Official Wolf Vs Ghost Pattermaker. there is another. And the other is the bonus third sleeve that comes out the middle of the back of the shirt which DOES have hand hole for arm so if you need to use your 'fingly dinglies' for anything you pull arm out of normal sleeve and put it through that back sleeve and it's all good "in the hood". we've charged everyone's credit cards and just now shipped the shirts. i have already gotten lots of compliments on my shirt i think you guys are gonna think these are KEEN and are the BEAST KNEES! oh and p-s: TOTEHOLDERS YOU KNOW THE DRILL BUT HERE IS A DIFFERENT DRILL YOU SHOULD KNOW after last weeks grisly events of surrounding our buddy RandmoKoreaDude my lawyer has asked me to Tell It Like It Is to you dudes that please be careful as we just found out the zipper pull on our the totes were smelted down from an Artefact Of UNspeakable Ancient Evil and you need to take yr totes to a some kind of high level cleric and get a circle of protection cast upon it so you don't get banished eternally to the Abyssal Realm of Tartarus like what happen to RKD best mauro
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I wish Vass and the more traditional companies that make really good shoes did back-zip and stuff, would be an interesting take on Guidi etc.

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Oops I guess I meant naaate
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i've quoted that naaaaate post like seven times but it never stops being funny
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I need these

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mmmm, orlebar's. how much? I dig the pool print ones
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£195, they are only available in their pre shop at the moment.
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For anyone who is interested in the COS Hidden Placket Shirts, I just received mine today (very fast shipping!). Here are measurements for the size 15:

Neck: 15"
Shoulder to Shoulder: 17"
Pit to Pit: 20"
BOC Length: 29"
Sleeve Length: 25.5"

The armholes are relatively high, but not as high as the Japanese brands I'm used to. Fabric is better than Uniqlo's, but not anything spectacular. I think the buttons may be mother of pearl, but don't quote me on that. Definitely a good value.
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

COS Hidden Placket Shirts

Is it sheer? I am tired of white shirts that are thinner than one ply toilet paper.
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^ But if it's not sheer how am I supposed to see your nipples?

That goddamn bacon looks gooooood! nod[1].gif
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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

I need these

I wish I wasn't so boring in that I prefer the clean white setters (3 pairs and counting).

These look awesome though....are you also an honorary "OB Club Member"?

The Palms print look very nice too

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I dont have the white one. The grey and blue oxfords are not sheer in the least
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