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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

I had a g-star phase in the early 00s.


My G-star phase was so bad that the guys in my office got me a mug with the G-Star logo printed on it...frown.gif
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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

it certainly doesn't hurt that his clothes are appropriated by name-dropping celebrities introducing them to much larger audiences.


Right but I didn't think it would make that big of an impact.  It actually might explain why the quality of his pieces are all over the map (some are fantastic and some feel like they were designed and produced by a kindergartner), his factory probably can't keep up with production demands.

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Originally Posted by the shah View Post

How bout in terms of good food? Sushi ?
Not gonna try and get a table at alinea or schwa ... Not this time, at least.

My favorite is probably Avec. They don't take reservations, so you'd have to be a bit early or wait. Other places that don't accept reservations: Girl&Goat (you have to go really early to get a table in my experience), Purple Pig. Good ramen/Japanese: umai, wasabi. Valore and Osteria via strato have pretty good italian. Sun Wah BBQ for peking duck. Lula cafe for brunch. Big star and Big&little's for tacos. Longman and eagle also had good brunch apparently, but I go for the whisky. 

This is just off the top of my head, you can pm me for specifics

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osteria via stato and girl & goat get my vote too. also the publican

the alinea group opened a cocktail bar called the aviary that i really want to go to. they're into modernist style of cocktails. apparently there is also a secret bar downstairs that either you need a business card to get into or i think somebody also mentioned they just simply asked their waitress at the regular bar
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G&TG definitely does accept reservations... and is very overrated.

I like Quartino better than Osteria via Stato...

Avec and Blackbird are great, Sepia is good. Lula Cafe is my favorite restaurant but pretty far from downtown.

Aviary is awesome - I have only been once. Schwa was the best meal of my life to date.

My other favorite cocktail spots are The Whistler, Maria's. Berkshire Room is one of the best cocktail spots in the loop. Three Dots and a Dash is a cool newish tiki bar.

"Hottest" restaurant right now is Dusek's in Pilsen - I went a few weeks ago and it was awesome. They also have a punch bar downstairs that I really like.
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Tres Bien collection is up.


Parka still seems like the only thing really interesting.

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oh, also in Pilsen: Nuevo Leon is the best and cheapest Mexican food I've had. I'll haveta check out Dusek's

to add, emailing Aviary ahead of time will ensure a spot

I said G&TG doesn't accept reservations mainly because I forgot they do, but also because they effective don't since the only open times they ever seem to have are Tuesdays at bad times :)  I also think all this hype/exclusivity about them makes them a bit overrated - hence I prefer Avec

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Damn this looks good. Price isn't that bad either. I always like Bedwin stuff but have never actually bought any, this might be the first one.


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Chicago meetup soon?
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That looks wide and cropped at the same time...
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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

I had a g-star phase in the early 00s.




If you had a newsboy cap, a tight tank top, and a pair of Adidas runners, you would have fit right in as a gay LA clubber.  Everytime someone found out I was "in fashion", particularly in denim, and at every industry party where there were boyfriends of whoever, this was the buff gay dude uniform, and I would inevitably be asked by at least 3 guys: "what do you think of G-Star.  The jeans are so great.  They just fit my ass right." (shows off GStar clad ass).


Originally Posted by snowmanxl View Post

Yeah, itll be interesting to see what he does with denim as the main material. A lot of darting I suspect smile.gif
Originally Posted by nicelynice View Post

G-Star already has some kind of Arc / 3D pants (source: I walk by G-Star store every day) with darting and tapering. The cut actually looks pretty good. The details are hideous, but the pairing actually kind of makes sense in that regard


I'd buy these in a plain wash with all branding removed
Originally Posted by ceoceo View Post

Can't say for mens (Although I had 7 yr old raw denim from them) but from what I hear from a friend of mine their womens line is really nice for the price quality and fit wise.


Yup.  They have been doing this since, I want to say 2007 or so.  The materials are not that great, but it's decent from the price.  The design is definitely there.  The problem is that that mix between the not great materials and the often terrible branding combines into "OMG Eutrotrashiness."  If they used more interesting materials and toned down the branding to reflect 2014 instead of a Eastern European disco circo 1999, I'd be tempted.

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Lol I love the picture you painted there fok.

Okay I admit I had a pair of g star cargo pants with a drawstring hem. They were pretty comfy but they were dark brown. I should've just dyed them black.
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this gstar talk brings back memory of my tramp stamp twisted cords.
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Does anyone know what happened to the Nom De Guerre space in Manhattan?

I moved out of NYC in 2011 and it was closed then I believe, but I'm curious if anything is in there now... It was such a cool space.

Those dudes were pretty rad. I remember I bought a Margiela shirt from their other store, ISA, in 2003. My first real fashion purchase upon moving to NYC.
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Will add to B&S section. An item that no G-Star enthusiast should be without. Bidding starts at 2,000 USD.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Stoneware clay G-Star mug in white
- G-Star logo print on front side of mug.
- Personal message on rear side of mug.

Stoneware clay is very strong. It is fully vitrified (the surface is made glassy and non-porous) which gives it strength, durability and chip resistance.

2,000 USD.
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