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GW/PG said, back when he dealt with this stuff:

"What I do is whilst my shoulders are natural, arms are straight & pointing down, I then raise my hands to be horizontal & parallel to the floor. The suit sleeve then should rest on the back of my hand with no break.

I have used this for the last 9 years with no fuck ups."

I follow this and it works for me.
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^ this will yield different sleeve lengths results depending on the height and shape of the armholes.   

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Just a suggestion - Go with the maximum protagonist challenge over the androgyny challenge.

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Sleeve length you say? Zero fucks given.
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Originally Posted by JSAN View Post

Just a suggestion - Go with the maximum protagonist challenge over the androgyny challenge.

Too late, though this was a good idea.
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Going to be in Shanghai and Beijing for a couple of days, basically have a day and a half in both of them. Anything cool near Expo Park in Shanghai and Tongzhou Canal Park in Beijing?

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Originally Posted by ghostface View Post

i think this is one of the most interesting things about clothing and style. but i think it's also good to remain aware of the possibility that the transformative power of clothing can be leveraged to enable a person to settle for an ersatz transformation. remember those real-life people who donned superhero costumes and set out to fight petty crime? it was pretty clear that, for them, the outfit wasn't enough.

I did a post recently on the subject of superhero costumes that might interest you...sorry for the spam[1].gif, putting it in spoiler. I will respond to the rest of your excellent post soon.
If only you could love clothes without being a clothes-loving person. Recently some well-meaning and seemingly genuine person asked me why I have become interested in men’s clothing, which is a question that brought me great shame. I hate talking about myself and feel uncomfortable talking about clothing with anyone I don’t already know to be as haunted by it as I am. But I managed to mumble something about clothing’s dual potential for both self-expression and disguise. Which sounded good enough that I have been thinking since about what it means.
I will start with superheroes. As everyone knows, every superhero has a costume and a secret identity. As a matter of semantics, a “costume” refers to the thing that you wear when you’re performing superhuman feats of crimefighting, while the “secret identity” is the persona you project to the outside world when you’re not wearing your costume. But which is the “disguise” and which the “true identity” is never completely clear, and each hero must inevitably invest parts of himself in each. A superhero is inevitably an investigation into fantasy and identity. Let us take as case studies the Great Troika of superheroes: Superman, Spiderman, and Batman.*

Superman begins life as Superman – his struggle is trying to fit in as Clark Kent and fight for the salvation of the damned world that has been thrust upon him without compromising Clark and his adopted family. The most recent Superman movie was really heavy-handed on the Jesus-y stuff (evolution is a bad guy in the movie), but it’s not totally inappropriate to see Superman as a weaponized Jesus. Clark is an extension of this Superman. He is a perfect All-American boy. He’s always really Superman, trying to handicap and hide himself enough to seem human. He is always a phone booth away from shedding his journalistic trappings and becoming his true self, which is not that different from his hidden self anyway. Superman is the most boring superhero.

Spiderman begins life as Peter Parker, and spends most of his history convincing himself that he can be Spiderman. Peter Parker is a method actor who has to learn from scratch how to become a completely new character. Perhaps this character is a part of himself that he has never shown to the outside world, or perhaps it’s a persona that he invented entirely to deal with his great power and responsibility, but certainly he could never become Spiderman while looking like Peter Parker. The costume allows him throw away his old identity and create a new one. The effect of his stints as Spiderman on his character as Peter Parker are generally malevolent (starting with the original sin of failing to stop his Uncle Ben’s killer). This role of the costume itself is heightened by the “black costume” that turns out to be an alien symbiote that Spiderman finally rejects, only to have to face again as the character Venom. But even the traditional red-and-blue costume is a performance-enhancing drug for Peter. He feels the responsibility to become Spiderman sometimes, and can’t do that without the costume. But he knows that every hour he spends in the costume, a little bit of Peter fades away.

Batman, as always, is the most interesting case. Batman hates the world for murdering his parents and destroying the legacy they built. His “secret identity” is a stooge, a character created specifically with the goal of being as incredible as possible as Batman’s alter ego. The rich, entitled, philistine “Bruce Wayne” is the hemlock he slips into the Long Island Ice Tea of the sycophants who swarm around the Wayne estate. Batman is the whip with which he lashes their tormentors in the hope that he also saves one or two good souls in the process. Only as Batman, only in costume, in darkness, in disguise, does The Dark Knight become himself.

*There are those among you who will now argue against the omission of your favorite superhero, whether it be Wolverine (too new, not independent enough from the X-Men, too popular with people who have never read a comic book), Iron Man (never close to as popular, also attached to the Avengers), Green Lantern (his powers come from a ring), Daredevil (played by Ben Affleck), Flash (it’s close, but Flash is ahem…underexposed. Don’t know why there haven’t been more Flash movies, looking forward to 2016) or Wonder Woman (isn’t it enough that we will have a woman as president?).
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Was reading the SLP thread. The diet discussion is insane. 1200 calories a day for a grown man? No way that is healthy. That's the diet when you are cutting weight for a fight, and it makes you think about food constantly. Also, advice to not work out. Sheesh.

Sounds like a terrible strategy for surviving the zombie apocalypse. On the other hand, you would barely make a light snack, so there is that...
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I eat more than that for breakfast. devil.gif
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Yo if anyone sees that MMM Klein blue blazer from a season or two ago in a 52, give me a shout
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My wife woke me up this morning just as I was dreaming that Stanley van Buren had made giant crepes with fruit animals on toothpicks. I didn't get to eat one frown.gif
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Originally Posted by KingJulien View Post

Well, I know that's the MC way.  The thing is I tend to wear them over a tee or a knit instead, so without the cuff the sleeves just look too short.

Buy MC and SW&D jackets. Don't mix'em wink.gif
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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

Buy MC and SW&D jackets. Don't mix'em wink.gif


I don't wear MC jackets. That's why I was asking this question in sw&d!

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Then you shouldn't care foo.gif
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Randomly walked into a second hand store the other day and picked up a HumanScale Freedom chair for $30, in brand new condition. All of the bells and whistles, including the ridiculously nice top tier leather. $2500 chair for $30. Second best find ever. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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