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Originally Posted by stevent View Post

Tacco ones on ebay are under 10

These deodorize for a bit more:

And shoes trees Jos A Bank buy one get TWO FREE! sales are cheapest
or Nordstrom Rack has them for ~$12

Nice, found some Taccos that deoderize for under $10...How do I size? Like if I'm buying them for boots tagged 42 but that fit more like 43/43.5, do I get 43/10?
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I hate when motherfuckers underestimate their share and don't consider tax and tip. Solution? Always order expensive ass shit to make sure you're getting what you pay for.
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Only once in years of service did I have a table ask me to split a check by item. I looked at them like they were aliens and my manager looked at me like I was an alien when I asked him to do it, required a comp code so couldn't do it myself. 

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Went on a trip to attend an academic conference recently. School was reimbursing everything but required detailed receipts. Dinners out, we had to split the checks several (6 or 7) ways for expense reports and I hated it. A couple of times I tried to just pay the whole bill to avoid it but people refused.

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Buyer arguing that CP Size 40 is equivalent to US9 and that I gave the wrong info baldy[1].gif
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Originally Posted by penanceroyaltea View Post

j crew was one of my favourite brands pre styleforum  

Really? I can't say I've ever owned a single piece of anything from JCrew or the like.
Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

my most basic friends are the ones most offended with normcore as a thing.

are we friends because I'm offended! LOL.... normcore? wtf... just another idiotic hipster trend.
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

Or, one person picks up the entire bill, with the assumption that someone else will pick up the bill the next time
The second is common with Chinese friends.


Reminds me of Chinese relatives fighting over who gets to pay the bill.

*Person 1 takes money out*
P2: noooo nononononono, I'll pay the bill

P1: ahhh let me pay
P2: noooo noo no put your money away

P1: crazy? I'm the one who invited you

P2: you've been so kind blah blah blah, I'll take this one, you pay next time
P1: nooo no no I can't let you do that


and from here we see the two people, sometimes three or more shoving each others money back into each others wallets/chest pocket/w.e as they make way to the cashier grabbing the check from each others hands. 

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That's why you go pay the check when you pretend to go the bathroom
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where 2 cop chinese friends

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^ so true. I have at times absolutely had to use the bathroom trick or talk to the server ahead of time to preempt one of my Chinese friends from paying the bill. We would literally argue over it for 10 minutes sometimes!
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Originally Posted by ShoutOutsFoMyBo View Post

where 2 cop chinese friends

I suggest looking in boutiques such as New York City, San Francisco, Houston Texas, Onotario Canada, and many more. Google, or Wikipedia should have a full list of retailers.


It should be noted that the ones made outside of far eastern parts of Asia are more likely not to fight over the bill. The made in asia ones are your best bet, but almost unobtainable without a cantonese/mandarin fluency promo code. 

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Vancouver is the real answer

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Originally Posted by hipster View Post

damn i like the stuff on zara spring lookbook way too much

I don't know what you are referring to specifically but I noticed that the new local Zara stocks a lot of Rick inspired stuff, which I was surprised to see. So whoever was asking if it was time to go short on gothninja can consider the meaning of that.

As u might expect it looks better online than in person but someone could probably incorporate a piece in a high/low fit.

The nonwhite tshirts are pretty good. The white ones are like wearing a tshirt made of one ply toilet paper.
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What type of cloth do you guys use for shoe care (e.g. applying polishes, etc.)? Links please?
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Originally Posted by DLester View Post

The nonwhite tshirts are pretty good. The white ones are like wearing a tshirt made of one ply toilet paper

I can definitely second this. Their t-shirts are a favorite on a budget. If sized up they fit perfect(longish, low but not slutty neckline, lots of dat dere drape) and the fabric is good enough for the price.
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