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Originally Posted by iamacyborg View Post

This waiter talk is funny because chefs have it a million times harder :/

i wrote a post about how the tipping system actually sucks because chefs have it way worse because they work 16 hours a day everyday especially the weekends and they get paid $8/hour while waiters get $25 /hour. the owners can't do shit cuz margins are already tight and waiters don't tip out chefs. you basically make money as a chef only if you own the place. if restaurants took no tips and owners raised prices or owners charged mandatory service charges they could redistribute the money and have more equitable incomes for everybody.

if you think about it 20% of your bill goes to people who take the order and run your food and a small portion of the rest of the bill goes to the people who make your food. and you're not there primarily for the service. you're there for the food

you don't also ever see chefs complain as much as waiters even tho they earn far less and work more
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Yeah I would agree re: Chefs

You have no idea how many patients in D&A services are like "I'm a chef"
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Also what's the go with SF being the centre of white professional class privilege??

If your dad rapes you when your young, pimps you for opiates and your mum has schizophrenia, you can't tell me that 'your just not trying hard enough' and 'they just need to pull it together' etc etc

I thoroughly suggest people go read about the concept of privilege before they grandstand about how people are just lazy etc
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I like the title on the first one Fuuma, what's it about?

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People lie about reading books as often and casually as they lie about having sex—less about who, what, or how good than about how much.



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Originally Posted by momentoftruth View Post

I like the title on the first one Fuuma, what's it about?

It is about people in this thread.

"Chatelet is well-known in France for his political pamphlet Vivre et penser comme des Porcs, De l'incitation à l'envie et à l'ennui dans les démocraties-marchés, Exils[4] (To Live and Think Like Pigs, Envy and boredom in market- economy democracies) which was published in 1998. Vivre et penser comme des Porcs was a polemical essay in which he denounced liberalism which according to him its effectiveness relied on a triple alliance between the "tertiary" spheres of politics, economics and cybernetics, or communication technologies.

In a collection of his political writing titled Les Animaux malades (Sick Animals of Consensus),[5] he rejected what he considered as a widespread human domestication process imposed by the New World Order. He called for a new philosophy to combat the disastrous effects of the decomposition of both the libertarian optimism and cynicism which in his opinion had become a pseudo-liberal sham."

I gave this book to le RJMan so you could be the second styleforumner I've convinced to read it.
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I just read this



so I might check out Chatelet's too. Sounds like it could be interesting

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I'm also pretty big on Michéa. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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wait so we're gonna totally not talk about the frank leder nazi postcard thing? because i feel like that warrants at least an explanation.
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edit: whoops went to socioeconomicforum by mistake
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Originally Posted by ShoutOutsFoMyBo View Post

i wish i was a bird

with beautiful plumage

I wish I was an alpaca in an alpaca sweater.
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Originally Posted by DividedWay View Post

Moo, tell me what I should do. I work a dead-end job full time, while also applying for better stuff once every three days, but after doing this for a year the only offers I've received are for unpaid internships, of which I've taken three my GPA is very good, I graduated from a good university, I have internship experience and while interning I've worked 60+ Hours/ week. I don't think it qualifies as laziness. It does, however, qualify as a shit economy.

As for "everyone can move up" you go to a school in southeast DC and tell me that everyone can move up. Third graders who can't read, teachers who try to strangle students and can't be replaced because no one else is willing to teach the class, but I'm sure they can overcome years of absolutely failed education if they just try. Yes, I worked in the school I'm talking about and it was sad that I could even help. I should have been useless, and would have been at the school I attended. Because one was funded by middle class families, and one wasn't.

After sleeping on this, my suggestion would be to go back to school. I may have missed what your profession is, but it doesn't sound like it's a field you are enjoying or in which you will be progressing.
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