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Anyone know of a pre-order for Sik Im FW14? Or old/new stockists?? foo.gif
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I think forward forward will have Siki for this spring right?
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Originally Posted by cocostella View Post

Do the Buttero low sneaks on NMWA fit same as CP Achilles? Same sole, no? Thanks

Same sole? No, but they're pretty similar. Don't have the achilles, but I do have the tournaments and wear the same size in both.
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IF anyone sees any tapered cut (ideally cropped) pants let me know! I need some more tailored pants to wear with that DVN coat!
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Hey Snow, any update on Snow Pants?
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Originally Posted by cocostella View Post

Do the Buttero low sneaks on NMWA fit same as CP Achilles? Same sole, no? Thanks

Butteros are wider than achilles. I have Butteros in 45 but achilles 45 is uncomfortably narrow for me, though the length is fine.
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Originally Posted by helpmeplease1 View Post

thank god for the veil of anonymity this medium provides.  i can't share this with anybody in real life to get advice, so i turn to you kind people to help me please.


in december, i started to work in a family business.  one of the most illustrious families, i should say. 

my boss, early 50s, took me in, took a liking to me, and mentors me.  i am blessed to be in this situation, being adopted into this family, as it were.

his wife is also an equal in this business.  their kids are both in college, so they are newly-minted empty-nesters. 

in january, i noticed the wife took a "liking to me", from the way she looked at me and behaved.  i was flattered.  i was curious.  make no mistake, she was a hot woman when she was younger, but she is 50s now.  milfish...but not in an obvious, stiffler's mom kind of way.  i would never go in for stiffler's mom types, that is a woman using me.  my case was different--my case was a "charming" situation, if you get me.


so i reciprocate the subtle flirting.  i will spare you the boring details, but within one week, next thing i know i am screwing her brains out on a weekend ski trip (i am doubling as the ski instructor for our cosy little family company)! 


i will be honest with you.  i am not going to lie to you and say i feel guilty and awful.  i am a little guilty yes--my boss has been so kind of me--but most importantly, I AM SCARED SHITLESS!!!  i am in the clutches of a milf who knows the perilous precariousness i am in.   if her husband (my boss) find out, i am finished!  completely finished.  career goodbye forever anywhere in the world.  he will also probably castrate me. 


then there is my wife.  she has no clue what's been going on.  if she finds out, my mother-in-law will castrate me.


 today afternoon, it happened again...she did everything, i just went along.  random fashion isaia suit jacket was ripped off of me before i was raped in conference room b.


there is no end in sight. i think i may have gone too far this time.  what do i do?  how do I get out of this mess?


You're actually an idiot.

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Thanks Bigskip and Avery for the info.
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has anyone ordered from Old Town Clothing? a lot of their stuff seems p cool

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@helpmeplease1 Does she have a daughter by any chance?

If you implicate her daughter, there's no way she'll inform her husband.




Or her son, if you're desperate.

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Ordering a huge merino wool scarf from Luxire, should turn out pretty cool, albeit too late for cozyboyz.

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Thin cardigans =[

Esp. With no buttons
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Originally Posted by ceoceo View Post


No, I don't think so. Miran is more creative and playful than this. He would also never come out with such a long post under a new user name without any references to international culture or food.
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Found a new label called DODD.

From FW14:










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