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FINALLY someone decided to put me on a nationwide late night talkshow as a regular. Just signed on for 26 episodes of what is sure to be stellar TV (just kidding, the show is terrible). I'm just doing this to get out of the house, but are all actors paid this low? Making less than when I was an intern in University

we're getting video of this, right?
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Is there an economic reason that some boutiques have cumbersome digital storefronts? 


I'm talking about lack of search functions, not showing when something is sold out, etc.

Yes.  A custom Magento system like Greg's costs $25K+ to build out, minimum.  You miss something, and afterwork is even more expensive, because you have to work with a codebase that is already there.  And everyone misses something.  To give you an example on a large scale, Chrome does not have a Firefox "Are you sure you want to close all tabs" option in the settings, which seems fairly obvious to put in.  But it somehow got overlooked.  For a long time, you couild download the google toolbar for Chrome, which allowed you this option.  However, Google had to pull this toolbar from their app store because it has some security issues.  I don't think that it's back yet.  And upgrades of Chrome do not have this option, that I know of.  And this is Google, pretty much the most powerful company out there, with vast resources.  Look at Yahoo.  They somehow had un-encrypted.or poorly encrypted passwords on a third party host.  You'd think that that would be unthinkable.  But this type of stuff happens all the time.  One e-retail system that works pretty well, but in which we have all found bugs, is the Yoox system.  This is a company which runs the e-boutiques for scores of the top fashion brands in the world, and has over $1.2B in capitlization, and it still has glaring flaws.  I think that that's a pretty good indication of how tough it is to make something that works properly. (As an example of something that costs a bunch, and works terribly, I present to you  The backend (something you guys never see) is atrocious.  The product taxonomy is horrendous.  I mean, apparel and accessories are actually not really easy to put in a category tree (is a piece a jacket, is a jacket necessarily a piece of outerwear, etc...) but it is bad even by some pretty generous standards.


Out of the box systems, which the majority of boutiques use, are much cheaper (we are talking $0 for a regular template, and about $5-10K if you need some customization.)  The drawback is that you are then completely reliant on a third party solution.  And trust me, there are problems with every single one of even the most popular templates out there.  


Really, the problem starts on day 1, and continues from there.  On day 1, any company has limited resources, and there are bound to be issues.  Ad hoc fix-its are the norm, as a company struggles just to get things working.  As the company grows, it becomes more and more logistically difficult to completely redesign the system, and you are left growing around a base that is suboptimal.

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Previous company I worked at ended up rolling out their own custom ecommerce CMS, simply because the scale of products on-site, alongside the complexity involved in the categorisation structure meant that using something like Magento wouldn't be worthwhile. It also allowed a much greater flexibility for the marketing team.


That meant multiple full-time devs were responsible solely for building a platform. $25k is fairly cheap when you think about things.

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Originally Posted by Master Milano View Post

Does anyone know a good leather portfolio? Or perhaps someone who can do leather embossing? Thanks in advancee - did some research but nothing came out

Find a founder, if you're not one already, and save.
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I'm a fan of the Porter Module, and the EOTOTO clutch is pretty damn cool if one doesn't need a conservative folio

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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

warm weather cozyboyz = all silk errything

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So, against my greater judgment, I'm liking a lot of the Emporio Armani stuff I see on Yoox. How decent is that stuff in real life?
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i need some mother fucking turtlenecks. help me please
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'qlo cashmere are cheap and warm and easily available.
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lol why do i always forget about qlo. thanks gn
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

i need some mother fucking turtlenecks. help me please

Inis Meain, andersen andersen, SEH Kelly.
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cozyboyz sounds p fun, and pretty easy for everyone to join in too
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Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

i need some mother fucking turtlenecks. help me please



Allsaints had a nice one last A/W, might still be available on the US site.

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i hate my yoox addiction

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Get to know your tailor better. Your yoox addiction will turn into a fabric addiction.

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