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Just saw a French sneakers brand National Standard. They look clean. Definitely not on par with CP, but might worth on deep discount. Got a pair for $85 shipped, down from $330. 

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Originally Posted by Biggskip View Post

It may not be super cool or fashiony, but the Rick Steeves backpacks are incredibly practical and ideal for what you've described. My parents bought a pair and now everybody they know who's going abroad asks to borrow them.
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Wow that is really ugly. (sorry don't have any helpful suggestions)

haha thanks, I'm chaperoning my parents trip, so yeah they got those already, even bought one for me but I was hoping there was something a bit more "sf approved" nest.gif

based on the same tried and tested design of the above bag, I was looking at other expandable bags like mw vandal/rambler and some chrome backpacks but a bit too street looking albeit an improvement over the rick steeves bag, the chrome victor/chekhov look pretty functional too for pssprt/wallet/camera//edibles/cigs/lighter/phone/etc, ideally I'd find me some 90's HL futuristic military inspired vest/shoulder/fannypack thing and a nice expandable backpack, alternatively I could just get a nice leather duffel bag I guess
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No obligatory VISVIM backpack rec? biggrin.gif
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Im not really familiar with the brand, I mean I know they're mij and make shoes but since I never saw any that I liked I never got into it, had no clue they made backpacks, will check out
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I haven't owned one, but people beast them pretty hard for both functional and aesthetic reasons.

I sent my Momotaro's off to be tapered similar to a 17.5cm type fit.
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

Epaulet shirts are made by New England Shirt Co.


Thanks, figured it might be something like that. laugh.gif
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this always gets me

when darcy comes out of the mist in his long coat draped and flowing with each stride to greet elizabeth. it is so romantic, and i think the clothing emphasizes it more.

rft: need more coats, long and voluminous with nice trousers and a shirt. shirt with extended hem
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Originally Posted by diniro View Post

isn't your current boyfriend a doctor? Ask him to help you pay them off.

He buys me clothes, but he won't mop up debts left by an ex-boyfriend (jealousy)!

So I have to do it :-(
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Looks like we know who raped that myhabit sale.

Hahaha this is hilarious, dude is such a moron. I wonder if he can't return them and is now stuck with a gazillion RO sneaks in different sizes

Serves him right
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Originally Posted by APK View Post

At the risk of opening a can of worms, I'm glad the WvG shirting is doing and looking well, because the front page of this forum has two threads that are sore reminders of the denim disasters from last year. And I feel like I've seen 15 posts from poor connor to the effect of "What's going on?" with regards to contest reward collab.

OKAY so we are just now find out the factory 'screwed the pooch' sizes xs-xxl of our After-Diner shirting because of a design oversight and allbody please -CALM DOWN-. now what happen is that there are no "hand holes" at the ends of each sleeve and both sleeves connect to each one another at the end to make an O shape like an ouroboros but if you do not need hands to do anything it Not Gonna Be a Big Deal No Way Jose. you guys are LUCKY DUCKY this was only one of the "design mixup" that were left in my pattern by the iguana I hired on as Official Wolf Vs Ghost Pattermaker. there is another. And the other is the bonus third sleeve that comes out the middle of the back of the shirt which DOES have hand hole for arm so if you need to use your 'fingly dinglies' for anything you pull arm out of normal sleeve and put it through that back sleeve and it's all good "in the hood". we've charged everyone's credit cards and just now shipped the shirts. i have already gotten lots of compliments on my shirt i think you guys are gonna think these are KEEN and are the BEAST KNEES! oh and p-s: TOTEHOLDERS YOU KNOW THE DRILL BUT HERE IS A DIFFERENT DRILL YOU SHOULD KNOW after last weeks grisly events of surrounding our buddy RandmoKoreaDude my lawyer has asked me to Tell It Like It Is to you dudes that please be careful as we just found out the zipper pull on our the totes were smelted down from an Artefact Of UNspeakable Ancient Evil and you need to take yr totes to a some kind of high level cleric and get a circle of protection cast upon it so you don't get banished eternally to the Abyssal Realm of Tartarus like what happen to RKD best mauro
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so whats a nice backpack to travel as carry on? gonna be in eu for 2 weeks, touristy agenda, some car travel, some trains or short flights too so really wanna travel light, was thinking something I could take half full so I'd have room to pick something up

Bought one of these, hasn't arrived yet but I've been looking for something similar and it's the best I found
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^ I've been using a GR1 daily for the last few months. Great bag.

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^ thanks for the rec (are maple leaf patches available?)
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