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What I don't get is for one who is always singing to the tune of "I'm so busy", ZB has an awful lot of time to browse and post on forums.
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Originally Posted by dwyhajlo View Post

I got a couple of belts in the mail, but they must have been coiled up pretty tightly for a while during transit, as they seem to have retained some persistent undulations (if you like at them in profile, they seem to go up-and-down or make look there are "waves" in them) even after quite a few wears. Anybody else ever have this happen? Does this usually go away after a while? Any way to get rid of this?
agree with zissou, I would rub some mink oil on the inner side and stretch or wear inside out for a bit to even out the stretch on both sides
Originally Posted by YOLO EMSHI View Post

^that's definitely the face I make when browsing on rakuten

Anyone know the difference between the 'flocked' suede and 'normal suede' derby shoes from Ann F/W 2013?


(those white lines aren't actually that distinct, looks more like the ln-cc photos)

What the hell does it mean to 'flock' suede anyway?
seems flocked is something like sanded edges left raw
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My friend just ditched out on me for the Neutral Milk Hotel show tomorrow. ffffuuuu.gif I am disappoint. confused.gif

Fashion-related because Jeff Mangum was decked out in some kind of wacky redneck get-up last time I saw him (solo).
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Digging my new simple set-up

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need to paint it white if you want to live the full lifestyle.  Feeling the weird head things to store your shades though.  Good work man.


Actually, you really need to do something about your hanger game.  Even the wooden IKEA ones would be better than plastic ones like that, especially for shirts and jackets.

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Step your hanger game up.
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I've called Margiela to see if I can purchase their white hangers just cause I like them.....they said no. So ehhhhh 3k suit on a $5 hanger is all good man it stays on a hanger maybe a week anyways since I travel. I need that shade of blue i my life though, I dislike being inside so white walls would kill me

I keep half my stuff folded in their original boxes anyways. The other half is there
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very nice regis, tho i don't particularly like the sunglasses heads. and +1 on the hangers
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Sunglass heads rule
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Those sunglass heads are awesome. i want to buy a few so I can stick them in people's mailboxes and frighten/confuse the willies out of them
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Regis, that kicks ass.


I would maybe swap out the white plastic hangers. Will second the "paint it white" and add: get some wood hangers and paint them white too.

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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Step your hanger game up.

starring jennifer lawrence
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I have really never considered quality hangers, no harm in looking into them. Someone point me in the right direction

MsDB9 got me those heads, I have no idea where. I would never ask her to purchase anything Margiela for me so she went out and got me what looked 'Margielaish'.... I could see them using plain white heads like that
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Seems SF was looking out for me with its random popups. These worth it?

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looks great, Regis.


I may be wrong but it looks like you down sized on your boot collection?

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