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There are completely different dynamics when you speak to someone online versus the real world though.

And probably alcohol.
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I think its personality, its easier to present yourself face to face than in text.

Also girls who online date, are often really picky and with most guys mailing any and everyone, they are spoiled for choice.
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Originally Posted by superego View Post

'doesn't work' how? errors/no values/something else?

my guess is you have calculation set to manual or there are errors or NAs in lookup array

also, get in the habit of using index/match over v/hlookup--much more flexible and impervious to mistakes

Calculation is set to automatic - I even tried opening a new workbook and running it there with the same result - and I couldn't find any errors in the lookup array.

Thanks, though, I'll definitely try out index/match instead of vlookup sometime.
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I remember that circa 2003? MS Gundam Wing is still the only Anime I have watched the first to last episode

I used to watch that in high school. That and Dragonball Z. shog[1].gif
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Originally Posted by thewho13 View Post

"Defends guy while acknowledging he made lots of inane generalizations by making an inane generalization."
Go back a couple pages and count exactly how many of the previous posts are flagrantly insulting. I counted exactly two. It's extremely inaccurate to say that "the responses he got here were just insults and shaming." Some people expressed their bewilderment, and some other people simply pointed out the fuller picture of what Zam was trying to say in a "yeah, but..." sort of way. You're projecting a lot, and I think that this projection and the way that you've characterized other users' responses as a consequence of some "superficial movement" belittles how a good number of men here might actually care about when other men say gross things about gender. What exactly do you have at stake that's compelled you to "defend" Zam against these imaginary posters?



You obviously dont know who I am, don't know my background, and anyone who thinks I would be shamed into not defending my position or scurrying away like a scolded dog is only fooling themselves. I did not reply because

1. I was simply busy

2. I  dont care to get into some over intellectualized argument when the core of what I am saying cannot be defended against nor did I make any sweeping generalizations against feminism.


I was raised by a Single Mother who raised five kids, four of us a boys and one girl. We were not rich, she was not educated beyond the ninth grade. She was divorced and left by my father for younger/ prettier women when he became wealthier  and felt he needed to compete with others in his new circle that money exposed him to. 

I saw how hard she worked, how she sacrificed, and the selflessness with which she raised her children to be strong, independent thinkers with good values and morals and a commitment to right doing. What was greater than anything to me was even though she was hurt by my father she was never bitter, she called him on his bullshit but she never gave him what he didn't deserve, she did not set up his children against him and told in plainly that when he was around he was a very good father, but his vices of booze and Women destroyed his family life and ultimately destroyed him. When he got sick, even though they were not together anymore she was one of the first to visit him, to help in his care and to make sure he was not left to suffer and die alone. When all the money was gone and he died penniless I gave my father a dignified and respectful burial and she was right there making sure he went off in style with respect.


Why did she do it?

She did it because she was an empowered Woman, who understood forgiveness, respect and the value of not holding on to bitterness.  She gave and continue to give everything for her family and children specifically......if you buy an item from Zfactorie, she sews on the buttons for you, and makes sure the items are properly pressed and packaged, her life is a life of care and selfless service to others

I dont need some academic nonsense to tell me about am empowered woman, I also dont need to study books on feminism to know its effects on SOME women.

I never said anywhere that women empowerment and quest for equality was bad, that would be to fly in the face of every strong woman i know who raised me and continue to inspire me everyday.

What I said was feminism has allowed some women to become selfish entitled fools who lack decency and a sense of such they dont know or cannot appreciate a good loving man when they have one. because their is this false idea that they ALWAYS deserve better than they have, and NOTHING satisfies them and the only value of a man is in what he can give to them or how much he is making HER HAPPY, when some of them have no idea what true happiness is.

This is not something  am going to apologize for nor back down on because I see it everyday. Academia be damned


Also, you will never get me to be politically correct, because spoke about women in this case I have no gender bias. It does not mean I am unaware of how evil and selfish many men are, but that is a separate discussion altogether.  the problem here is that you are reading something into my comments that are not there, and assuming what my position is on the basis of a single (or a few) paragraphs I typed


My position is no different than knowing that the American welfare system is very good, but there are some who see it as an opportunity to be lazy, selfish and irresponsible so they can live off taxpayers money. to call those who exploit as system on their conduct or to point out a fault within a system does not mean i am against the whole system or idea............


Next time I suggest we all read more carefully and try to understand better the position of a person before we unleash our whole arsenal on a position we do not fully understand

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Robert Geller is teaching a class via Skillshare on drawing technical flats. There's an intro video but SF won't let me embed.



I learned how to draw technical flats while training under Marc Jacobs early in my career and I continue to use this method on a daily basis when laying out collections for my own menswear label. While this form of fashion drafting may be considered "old-fashioned," drawing technical fashion flats by hand is a skill I make sure all of my designers, from senior level down to interns, are well versed in. 

What You'll Learn

As a designer, your drawing ability is your language; it is how you communicate your ideas from your mind to colleagues and customers. This class will help you clearly illustrate your fashion designs in an organic and professional way through the use of technical flats. We'll cover:

  • Sketching Initial Concepts. How to get initial concepts on to paper through sketch exploration.

  • Drawing Proper Proportions. How to create a more refined, proportional sketch using vellum paper on top of a croquis or "sloper." 

  • Defining Details. How to include the top stitch and detail to illustrate construction of the garment.

  • Rendering with Markers. How to use various shades of grey to illustrate material breakdown for the garment.

  • Creating a Layout. How to generate a full scale paper technical drawing of the design to analyze proportion and construction.




The class is $19 but maybe it'll show up cheaper in a Styleforum sample sale.

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And now half of Styleforum shall have trained under Robert Geller
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I think I'm gonna do it. Anyone else?
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I want to own whatever is illustrated there
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Heh, women these days, am I right fellas? Always trying to be in relationships they actually want to be in. Acting like entitled children. Why can't they appreciate what a great guy I am? Why can't they just shut up and accept the banal disappointment of our relationship??
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Originally Posted by YOLO EMSHI View Post

can anyone ID this Ann D. jacket for me? 

Is the material actually 100% cotton like the description says?

if i'm not mistaken, it might be be FW/SS10 as she did many iterations of the double lapel that season. look at the geometry of the 4 buttons on cuffs (functional, i i believe). i've seen wool and 65/35 cotton+linen blend ones. label says acetate 50% and cotton 100%

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That's from FW13, and, AFAIK, it never got put into production, or if it did, I've never seen it stocked at any store.

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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

Next level is to do like artist Noortje de Keijzer and knit a boyfriend.



Worth a read lol

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That technical flats class looks like a good present for my friend. Gonna buy it for her.
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Originally Posted by dwyhajlo View Post

I got a couple of belts in the mail, but they must have been coiled up pretty tightly for a while during transit, as they seem to have retained some persistent undulations (if you like at them in profile, they seem to go up-and-down or make look there are "waves" in them) even after quite a few wears. Anybody else ever have this happen? Does this usually go away after a while? Any way to get rid of this?
Generally, this is not good. You're right in that they were coiled up too tightly, and the grain side (outside) of the leather was stretched. It might even out as the flesh side of the leather stretches with the whole belt after a week or so of wear. But, if you paid a fair amount of money for them and don't want to take a chance, it might be best to return them.

Edit: Oh, i see you have worn them a bunch. Maybe they can still be sent back due to defect?
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Originally Posted by A Fellow Linguist View Post

Heh, women these days, am I right fellas?

It seems to me like you're the expert, Mark

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