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Zam scarf has already been used as sacrifice in feminist ritual.

Something about rising from the ashes of the property of man.

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Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty View Post

People are narcissistic assholes who think they deserve more than they actually do. I wouldn't pin this one woman's childish behavior on feminism.


well said. Not that it's great progress that more women are feeling empowered to be assholes in relationships like men have been for thousands of years but overall it's a side-casualty of a positive evolution

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what the actual fuck. Does SF have a fedora collection that I'm not aware of?
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lol this thread
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Eagerly awaiting the Zam Barrett F/W '14 Euphoric Collection.
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sbm iso sf: must be willing to settle............. forgive rampant ellipsis abuse
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Inequity is the name of the game
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So I'm just sitting up here thinking, you know

And I've got a question for you

You think girls like to cheat like guys do?
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We already knew Zam was retarded, though.

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Originally Posted by Zamb View Post

My freind

say all you want but i know exactly what i am saying...........

I am all for women empowerment and for equality

but feminism, has eroded the loyalty of many women, with the false believe that they dont have to settle and they deserve there is always this stupid idea that they can "upgrade" or that if the man is not "pleasing" he is not worth it, an the truth is that it is not always the guy, but her unreasonable expectations that cannot be met by any man that is the problem

Also the bullshit idea that because she makes her own money guys are expendable for any reason she finds him unfit at any point in life


The truth of the matter is that all relationships go through ebbs and flow, and all of us at some point in our lives feel like we dont love our lover on some days. its a part of the human experience.

What keeps relationships together is a deep sense of commitment to the well being of the other person, a selfless giving of yourself rather than seeing a relationship only valuable if you are getting exactly what you want from it all the time. people should learn to appreciate themselves with all the flaws and imperfections, and it is then and only then they will learn to appreciate others.


Women are different from men, and feminism has fooled many into believing we all are the same..........



Who was the woman who hurt you Zam?

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My friend I have been married for almost six years now with a 3 year old son,
I do not have to be personally wronged by anyone to hold this position.....

All i have to do is to look at the present dating landscape and make as honest as i possibly can an analysis of it

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10 character

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Not sure what about zams statement is upsetting. Is it the factual accuracy, the ideological implication, the breath of applicability or the actual pragmatic consequences of such a thought?

Overall I think its ok to make descriptive statements about groups in general sense I think most of us are conditioned to have a gut reaction to this
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this is why i only date pillows now
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well this conversation certainly went in unexpected places :/
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