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Originally Posted by iamacyborg View Post

Chick was a solid 9/10 too frown.gif

I've got a soft spot for Eastern Europeans with prominent, high cheekbones.

Be wary of Eastern Europeans. High probability that she wants you just for your kidneys.
Originally Posted by iamacyborg View Post

Oh, and she was a stripper for 3 years.


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Originally Posted by Tirailleur1 View Post


all of these items will sell

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I think I'm burnt out on FW stuff
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anyone have recs for an inexpensive, smallish, casual shoulder/messenger back that will be comfortable to carry around for the better part of a day? going to be bumming around various parts of the world traveling between graduation and starting work in the fall, just looking for a decent option for carrying around a camera/water bottle/whatever for the day that's not a backpack
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How inexpensive? For like $60, the fjallraven kanken is a great size for day trips or overnight stays. Technically a backpack but I mainly carry it as a tote.
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If you can find one, a German army backpack is perfect. Green cotton, drawstring top with a big rubberized top flap. Padded shoulder straps, and an inside pocket against your back that you can stick a foam pad into. 2 big side pockets good for a water bottle, magazine, rain jacket, etc. And the top flap has 2 d-rings; I have a pouch clipped on there for small items. Maybe kind of big for the summer, but it's light enough, it's not super sweaty, and it's the last bag that anyone is going to steal.

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german army errythang
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really liking these watches with steel mesh bands:

purchase of something similar may be on the horizon
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Someone should get this Nanamica Cruiser Jacket, it is a bargain. The US site is half price when compared to the UK one. Pricing error?


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Originally Posted by superego View Post

really liking these watches with steel mesh bands:

As a bonus, it can double as a shaver.
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Originally Posted by reedobandito View Post

Has anyone ever ordered from the online store Stylebop? My Visa debit keeps getting blocked...

I put in an order earlier this week. everything went fine. They shipped my order next day air.
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So I just took a dive into some late 2010-era WAYWT—before I ever started posting—and, uh, I got a little bit lost going through all of it. Holy shit. Let me tell you about my findings:

I came across five straight pages of Brad saying nothing but the word "blaaaaaaaaand"; I learned that NOBD has literally has not changed in three and a half years; tween spirit used to post frown.gif ; asobu used to post frown.gif ; snowman fits looked like asssssss; maybe it's just camera perspective, but Synth was once like a twiggy little thing; no one handed out thumbs (maybe they didn't exist?); before mikey ever even posted his first solid fit he actually treated sf to a photo of himself dressed in tights as a Christmas elf (why mikey); raw fucking denim EVERYWHERE; nicelynice... has been a consistently amazing poster, which is unsurprising; Kelvin's hair was once waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay taller and waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more ridiculous (although waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more awesome) than when my hair was tall and ridiculous; Eason simply never improved; I spotted shah wearing slim jeans, CdG Play chucks, and a ocbd and it was a visual trip; goddammit mikey posted some godawful shit fits for a while; too many awful suit fits; too few fits on each page; why haven't I seen a single Uncontrol fit after feverishly scrolling through ~20 pages wtf Brad; the only Margiela that seems to exist (outside of the occasional AR_Six fits) are GATs, and every fit with them sucks so hard; I think I came across a fit of Synth wearing a pair of jeans that are, uh, currently hanging up in my closet; there are week-long, resolution-less debates concerning what haircut Hendrix would look best with; practically everyone took photos with their shitty flip-phones indoors with zero natural light and ya can't see shit (Star Trek meme "can't see shit captain" came up multiple times); the precursor to spacepope; sq4you seriously needs to start posting fits again, if only for fun stuff like this; every knit was either the same boring W+H zip hoodie or some $10 cardi from H&M and people just looked like bad SVB clones; AFL was, unsurprisingly, always a suuuuuuper fabulous cutie; I'm glad slack tide doesn't post anymore; damn brad you were such a diiiiiiiiiiiick to mikey when he started out; omg a brad fit (finally, it's the first in like 100 pages at this point); and it is followed immediately by an adorable AFL fit (natch); Fuuma posted more frequently, which must've been nice; shoreman shoreman shoreman; this place reads like bad reddit mfa; Drew Keith had time to even comment in other threads beyond the ToJ thread; suspicions confirmed: apparently there was no thumbs system at one point, which just strikes me as alien and scary and weird; there's a 15-year old wearing a Rick leather, Rick dunks, and a fucking polo shirt; I'm so glad snowman got rid of those awful fucking glasses; and finally, DLester: "look at the last few pages and try to tell me with a straight face that we should still be called Style Forum.'

Christ, what a trip.
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i too take my nostalgia with a hint of meth
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

i too take my nostalgia with a hint of meth

Only on the weekends.
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