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i'm already competing with toasty for yoox's lemaire stuff, but i can wage a two front war if need be fight[1].gif
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Goddamn that elephant outfit is amazing

Sort of makes me miss the old days where all I fiended after was a pair of TB longwings, some charcoal knit cardigans and a cropped suit or two...
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elephant head makes me think thom browne x aitor throup. i'm guessing if you look up close it's not at all the same, but something about the way the elephant head is structured and the texture seems reminiscent.

now i kinda want to commission a tweed sculpture
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you guys can fight over the elephant head, whilesh I takes the rest of the outfit
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so a bird shat on my head today.
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you need a hat

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Guess that means you have to cut all your hair off and start over again. Oh well.
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birds shit on me with alarming regularity especially when travelling, you get used to it

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sounds like you're having a shitty day

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hopefully that joke doesn't fly over his head

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This isn't directly fashion-related, but for anyone who's a fan of startups, Kimono Labs has made a very intuitive, very user-friendly way to generate APIs. As a sort of demonstration I've used their site to make a tracker for Sufu and SF's marketplaces, listed by date posted. I'm trying to add Yahoo! JP and Rakuten, but I'm having trouble getting it to parse Japanese. Hope you guys find this interesting!

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i wonder if people ever consider bird shit when they're deciding what hat to buy. the risk is very real

@who other than the bbq sauce-esque stuff that got on my hand when i wiped my hair immediately after the incident, my head was surprisingly clean. which means the rest of the bird shit has soaked into my hair.

@syeknom that's both reassuring and saddening
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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

so a bird shat on my head today.

I had birds shit on my cheek twice in one day once, which is why I don't go to the beach and lie around outside anymore.

Also had one shit on my forehead narrowly missing my eye, mouth and sunglasses.

(It apparently means good luck)
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^that's just to make you feel better about being covered in shit.
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It doesn't.
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