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Are Vans slip-ons becoming A BIT OF A THING now?
(Inasmuch as that's possible for something that's been around forever.)

EG x Vans SS14


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@brad-t Is there a reason why my PP not letting me send payment to JP proxy for goods/services? Tried late afternoon and just now and keeps saying
We're sorry, but we can't send your payment right now.

Is there a window that I am not aware of? SutoCorp is asking for payment in JPY, which I am doing.
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no man do not buy sig v just look at my recent cops and buy one of those
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Have no idea toasty, sorry.
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Item is now sold out

Sort of sad and really pissed but relieved. hard to find item now =\

what the deal PP?? ffs
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Are you with BoA toasty? I've had some issues in the past few days with PP and ordering online in general with them

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Primary is chase but I always use a CC

Can't believe the item sold out though lol. Found it last night, too. Just my luck. Now I'm pMing people on etsy to see if they can replicate a specific style I'm after. Bought something else instead *shaking head*
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What were you buying?
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12oz gray button shawl flannel wool from EG


Fwiw there is a store in EU that has one availve but $350 with shipping to me. .... I found some designs on etsy that j think the maker would remake if they are willing to work with me. I pmed like 6 people. I'll find out soon enough
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and they said a quilted leather jacket wouldn't work. sarcasm.gif

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Poor buttons frown.gif

Also qasimi homme coat is majestic
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do not like
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

do not like

Choise of leather and color could be better, but the concept and design works (for me).

Want something like it just in suede.
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i think the whole look is bad personally, but the jacket alone isnt terrible imo. i still think regular quilted beats leather. it looks a bit weird to me.
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what the fuck supposed to be 85 today plain.gif
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