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Originally Posted by DLester View Post

fwiw I think the oldest person round these parts is either me or Parker, and it is probably me.

RFT, I have a beard now


Pretty sure I'm not too far behind... also: beards++



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^figured late 20s, early 30s

beard crew mount up
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do I get kicked out for being too old for teh fashunz?



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i thought MoK had everyone beat
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MoK is forty -- that's not old!

I hear forty is the new thirty.
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I think I have said my age here before but early 20s
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Where is our beloved man of kent? I hope he's doing well.
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He was using a cane the last time he posted if I remember correctly. Hopefully he is doing better, or recovering quickly.
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Just makes me realize how much time flies. It seems like you have forever when you're young but it's just not true. I'm going to be 40 in a while and it feels like I just left home after high school.


I think if I could do one thing differently it would be to work on something I love consistently, on a daily basis and never give up. Never accept any excuse not to persue it. Maybe for some here it's fashion, don't think it's impossible... if you consistently work on something you love doing great things will happen. I think @snowmanxl's story here is a perfect example. He may have his own label in 10 years, who knows? If he is consistent and never gives up then he will, I am sure of it. Maybe it's a sport, music, aquariums, hifi systems, gardening, working on 4x4s or motos, etc... but really consistency is one of the most important keys to success, especially financially. It takes a long time to be good enough at something that folks are willing to pay you for your creativity.


Did I mention I've had the flu and been on many combinations of drugs of all sorts in the last week, the flu is unbelievably painful... never had it before, hope I never get it again... 

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Everyone around me is sick or getting there frown.gif. Hope you feel better.

I just recovered ugh

This is when face masks come in handy. Actually wore one the past 2 days, felt like one of the characters tween_spirit described in his write up on Japanese street/punk/goth style ... I actually kind of understand it a bit. Felt empowered wearing it.
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lol this thread is now about the sick and the old...Friday nights on SF
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Benesyed, since you are thumbing up these posts and you're a doctor please perscribe a remedy for the old and sick

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Robotussin DM + oxycodone will make it so you don't want to kill yourself anymore. Just take 3x the recommended doseage for both*.  :stirpot:    












*I am NOT a doctor and not responsible for your OD

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I was browsing at the sale shoes section at Nordstroms the other day and there was this MC type dude who was staring at me the whole time with a look of like he knows me from somewhere smiling and all. If you encounter me in the real world, please introduce yourself and don't just stare. I won't bite. I might even invite you for cappuccino
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