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Originally Posted by LonerMatt View Post


Pls list examples for the curious :).




Are you sure you're ready for the synthese fashion commitment?



Each morning, the first thing synthese does (before rolling off his lay of the night) is enter his walk-in closet full of high end clothing items. Nay, to call it a closet is a misnomer, for it is more of a walk-in room, or as we normals call it, a room. Assorted along the walls of this walk-in room is an array of outfits assorted by 'genre'  Again, more misnomers, because for a man like synthese, outfits are but mere costumes for the various stages that make up his life.


Say that today the costume of the day is fashionable time-traveler from the near future? Say that one ill-chosen fashion choice crumbles the entire facade. Are you willing to chrono-log your pieces by their future year of possible fashion implication? If not, you might not be ready to dress like synthese. He is a man who's mere clothing choices have influenced and swayed entire styleforum thread cultures. Who even remembers the 3-zip these days? Bows1? Don't make me laugh.


If Stanley Van Buren is the light, then Synthese is the shadow. One can't be the shadow of a shadow. Which is a big reason I didn't order a second TOJ 4-zip MDR. The Mona Lisa of styleforum had already been painted. 




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Not-so-RFT: I wrap gifts with all the grace of Frankenstein's monster.
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I've been checking in on this little baby every night at the hospital since I admitted her. She is really sick, I hope she beats this thing.

I think I've been feelings kopping to not feel bad
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aren't you still midway through med school?

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Ya, I did her admit from the emergency department
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RFT: i will dress like a douche tomorrow.
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Hm, I was surprisingly warm with a peacoat + knit at -20C / -4F 

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How do you keep your feet warm at those kind of temps?
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Last night I dreamt I was in the woods playings paintball

Artishard was in my team

I was wearing a 5-zip I had borrowed from him, and a grey sweatshirt

He was like: "do you really think THAT sweater goes with the jacket?
Me: "nah, only wore a white tee earlier, but it' kinda cold so had to put this on"
Art: "hm, alright, makes sense"

Then in stitches, dressed in all bape/supreme camo, shot me

Weird shit
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freud would like to have a word with you, koy
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You should take a break from SF maybe
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Thanks j dawg. Merry Christmas everyone biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by NaTionS View Post

How do you keep your feet warm at those kind of temps?


Thick socks or boots with insulation. Both preferably.

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