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edit: nahneun don't you think that what you're saying to find Finn isn't so much in opposition to what he says, but rather just amplifies those behaviours that our current - um - "human nature" exhibits today? seems to me to be a more tandem thing if not necessarily 50/50
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The 70's are back, baby!

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I'm not disagreeing with him, but he's not exactly right in his reasoning either. I'm expanding on what he's saying on how it pertains to Asian consumption behaviors. His reasons are discounting the reason why such behaviors are so prominent in Asia. It's not an issue of showing that "they have arrived", but rather, it's to show that they are NOT different, that they are NOT outside the collective. It's less of being a success story and more of continuously being part of the community. To be different is to be shameful.
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So "keeping up with the Jonses' is mandatory, and you are shamed if you cannot? Ahhhh, I see...

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It's mostly about not standing out (in a negative way). There's also the pressure to be better off than your neighbor too. So if your neighbor has a LV, I'm going to get an Hermes. If he has a BMW, I have an Audi. And then we pretend like it wasn't that expensive because it's important to be humble (since that's part of the whole culture of saving face), but then you will humblebrag that it was only 30k for the bag.

It's an extremely nuanced cultural interplay.

GAHHHHH i'm getting no work done >:
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The first part sounds like real basic bandwagon, the rest sounds a lot like the Danish law of jante.
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That's really quite fascinating. It's almost funny in a way how the irony exhibited by the behaviour in an objective sense doesn't really coincide with the values in a cultural sense, yet are still subsumed into/by it so that we/they gloss over the obvious wanting to be betterness by essentially pretending (unawares?) to still be part of the whole and not really any better (humble). Kind of a joke, really - not as gross as the stereotype of the suburban American neighbouring with the big screens, four cars, pool etc - but at least there there seems to be some level of self awareness? I'm hungry so I eat! Not I'm hungry but I'll only take from the table what's acceptable but will slip more stuff in under the radar so I don't look like a pig.

This reminds me of what Fok was saying about his culture and how he can trace his linage back a billion years. The individualism of the West has seeped into the culture but seemed like the "collective" has taken it up and twisted it about and then it gets expresses in this weird incongruity which is still held together by pervading social bonds.
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After looking at endless IG photos tagged #commonprojects, I realized 2 things, (1) a lot of people have the white low achilles and (2) they almost always look damn good.  

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I don't even know what this is supposed to mean.
Live a "why not" life. You wanna be a lawyer, why not. Go be a lawyer.
This disturbs me. It leads me to think that one day you'll get your own TV special on TLC about man who makes love to his clothes.

I was implying Obamacare is for those who maybe in the "financial gap", and that for an attorney will be underpaid for the amount of time & money put into the education. But this is experience from working with individuals who have their own practice. I am sure reedo or whoever will get into BigLaw
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I am pretty disappointed by Siki Im FW13 roll out. A lot of the stores I previously bookmarked did not make a purchase or are not updating their store/website. The runway and lookbook photos of the coats were great to me, and I really wanted to own another jacket by Siki Im. Barney's does not update their online store with certain selections as well, sucks. Ugh
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Rick geobaskets make decent snowboots.
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wtf this retailed around 200euros i think and it's just a white shirt
(this is tresbiens ebay account)
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- "Reedo is throwing his life away" v. "Reedo you go girl"
- you can't afford to live in Bay Area, you poor peanut pickin' dumbass
- Asian women are gold diggers, confirmed
- Finns are racist
- Everyone is racist, you too
- Racist is fine, no it isn't
- Teleportation
- Teger

Fuck all you non-racist non-finns talking in foreign languages, coming here, fucking our jobs, stealing our women, .

wait what.

Oh, and Finland is not actually part of Scandinavia. But is usually lumped in it.
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yeah Skipp, hence the "see what I did there?". being ironical

okay, finndane - I redact my insult! you, too, are no fool

I appreciate both the use of the word 'ironical' and its application to verbal irony.

Can anyone recommend a down or down-like vest with snaps instead of a zipper? I tried the W+H one from this season and was thoroughly disappointed: shiny fabric, rattly snaps, too short, and not enough of a collar.
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Crescent Down Works maybe?
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