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Anybody have a recommendation for a pair of arm warmers/fingerless gloves? Or should I just do a random etsy search?
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someone on here definitely bought etsy ones a year or two back. forget who.
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Originally Posted by Biggskip View Post

No Man Walks Alone does, but they only have 3-4 models.

The shop doesn't accept Paypal though right? Or am I blind and not seeing the option :embar:

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Just ask for an invoice.
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jeez the roden gray thread has some entitled cheapos coming up with demands and stupid requests...
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didn't know there was an rg threak, what's happenin lurker[1].gif
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New FM attack kills
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What my pops wants for Christmas: On one hand I like that he is finally coming around to Margiela but then well...lets just say I wont have to worry about his size being sold out haha

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stupid fucking ebay has held my funds for two weeks now whereas my iphone funds were available 5 days after what the fuck
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Did you make sure to add tracking info., leave comments/rating etc.? All mine are about to be available and I sold like 5 items.

About to pay for my inverallan
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Maybe I'm clueless as to how the Paris and Milan fashion show system works, but it doesn't seem to make much financial sense for smaller niche-y labels to show there, unless it's to make a power move into the luxe-label market. This goes double (triple?) for brands based in the US or Japan, whose own home markets are big and wealthy. Same goes if the brand has its own webshop.


What is the best possible outcome for a small brand at these shows? A bigger buy from existing retailers, gaining a handful of new ones, and a little pic and write-up on esquire.com? Obviously, it's good to have access to int'l buyers and press, but showing amongst hundreds of other brands seems like a great way to get lost in the shuffle. Unless your clothes are coveted enough for the brand owners to call the shots, the buyers have all the power and can rope you into ridiculous terms and timelines. 


It seems like a pretty major risk for any brand without a suitcase full of cash.

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Because LA can't be the Mecca for everything, they got Hollywood already. Move to Milan. - rick owens
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Kanye partnering with Adidas after talking at length with Yohji apparently.
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Speaking of Kanye, interesting counterpoint article on his most recent music video "disaster": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJQVlVHsFF8

I think he Hasselhoff'd us
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