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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

searching B&S is not ideal. speaking of search, some people may find this useful for ebay:

I run this site, so feel free to ask/pm any comments or questions about it!

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i don't think you HAVE to list stuff item by item on sf b+s, at least I see a lot of sellers grouping items. although the system is designed to be used that way, it doesn't have to be.

agree that there needs to be some type of time limit. or maybe an archive section. way too much shit on there no one wants. it's one thing when sellers just let it filter to page 30 or whatever but the same shit that gets bumped all the time after 6 month gets really annoying.
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You're supposed to group items by type aren't you? Like all shoes in one thread, shirts, jackets, etc. It makes searching so much easier as you can filter by item type.

You do see stuff on SuFu that's been bumped for literally a year.
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This might sound kind of snobby, but I'd like B&S a lot more if mass market brands were banned. If I wanted used J. Crew/AA/Gap etc. I'd go to Goodwill or something.
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yeah but it's a good way for people who have upgraded to pass on cheaper items to noobs. circle of life type of shit. i get what you mean, but I think there's a place for the cheap shit.
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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post

I think there's a place for the cheap shit.

yeah it's called reddit
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I also hate reading through 3 screens of "bump" posts to see if there are any updates. Or thread titles that look promising and then out of the entire cool list of MMM, Raf, Jil, OG Helmut Lang, AA everything is sold except an American Apparel T-shirt.
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when i first joined this place, i bought an express sweater from b&s for ten bucks.

so proud
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I had assumed that the new platform would bring in a bunch of noobs who would be happy to pick up the older member's hand me downs, even if it is just old JCrew/Gap/H&M/Zara stuff for example. In a sense, I don't see it as a crappy item that someone's looking to get rid of, I see it as someone who's been around SF for a while who has developed some level of taste and bought that item but then moved on so it's sort of like a filter where noobs can get dressed in a somewhat SF approved way for super cheap off the MSPR. I agree that the new B&S setup has basically no movement now but I'm honestly surprised. I really thought there would be a massive flood of new people that would help clear out anything for sale out there. Instead, I'm even seeing pretty good items sitting for months. And I'm talking reputable members offering well regarded items in great condition for reasonable (?) prices.

maybe this whole thing is hinged on a simple problem. Everyone is scoping out everyone elses' sales but doesn't want to buy until their own stuff sells.
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Originally Posted by Noctone View Post

yeah it's called ebay
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What's the deal with all these watch sellers on eBay from Singapore? I'm looking for a Seiko and all the cheapest vendors seem to be from there. They have 99%+ positive feedback with several thousand sales, so I'm prone to think they're legit but buying stuff from Asia always makes me wary of bootlegs.
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Not a fan of NBs?
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That gif ceo


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I think the idea of archiving something if it doesn't move in 1-2 months is a good idea, maybe it can be unarchived if the price is dropped like 30%? I unno

I'm also sick of seeing the same undesirables at the same prices

Also, a couple of you guys complaining about your stuff not moving (Jet, Nahneun, etc) would really be advised to actually put up pictures and either start out at reasonable price points or drop occasionally
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