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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

Anybody know if the yohji store in the meat packing district is still open and if it is if it's open on Sunday? Can't find any information

it closed years ago
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frown.gif. I guess it closed at the same time as the soho one? Might just visit ifsoho instead
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I didn't know there even was a soho one, hah. But yeah, it's been gone for a long time. Think it might be a Marni store now. IF doesn't carry Yohji, just fyi. If it's Yohji you want and you're staying downtown, check out Hotoveli on W. 4th in the West Village. They had some cool pieces when I last stopped in. If you want to travel a little, Barneys of course has Yohji, and Atelier is still open for the time being. I stopped in there on Friday and they had some Yohji left, and it's all 50% off right now.
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Wish I saw this earlier. Ifsoho apparently only has womens Y's but will carry it next spring. They also surprisingly had the soloist. Very cool pieces but no idea how to work it into my wardrobe.
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there are no yohji stores in ny or the us to my knowledge. the soho store is now alexander wang and has been for like 4 years. the meatpacking store has been closed even longer i believe. there is a y3 in soho, which i think is very underrated on this forum.

there is a marni store in soho as well (right across from verssace)
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i remember walking by the soho yohji store and was like should i go in? nah let's go drink

space was huge
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haven't shaved in two weeks, feelin burly as fuck
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I haven't been clean shaven in ten years and I only trimly beard once maybe twice a month.
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you're scandinavian, you got like 3 hairs on your chin

i have a 5 oclock shadow at noon
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haven't shaved in two days, feelin burly as fuck
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Have to shave every day for work; I... I never get to feel burly.
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not rft:

fuck coding and fuck vba

while on the topic of moustaches and beards:

baby faced. has darker stubble than all the asians he knows frown.gif saddddd
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don't like trimming, shit gets everywhere when you have fly ass facial hair like me

plus looks too neat when each whisker is equal length so I shave once a week and grow that shit out, can't stand being clean shaven though
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