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nothing in my size i'm interested in, unfortunately.
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you're as S/XS right? look at white mountaineering outwear and WWM
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quite possibly the two dumbest posts on SF in a long time:
Originally Posted by NAMOR View Post

leather jacket look good especially on anyone with a strong jawline, medium/narrow-sized shoulder, sharp facial features..

asians for example almost always look good in a black leather jacket. a leather jacket has a more structured chest or shoulders which lends itself, i think, to that demographic.
Originally Posted by MauriSSio View Post

Asians usually have the softest or weakest features, not the strongest (ie masculine facial features and bigger chests and shoulders). Maybe asians like leather jackets because their close fit gives the illusion of being more physically stronger in the chest and shoulder area, hence more "manly"?

Well I guess it also depends on the jacket. The long sleeve slouchy look kinda does the opposite.
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Damn, we're coming up my fellow model minority Asians.

Good at math: check
Likely to become a doctor, engineer or lawyer: check
Look the best in black leather jackets: check

We've arrived.
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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

anyone know about white mountaineering sizing?


speaking of, still can't decide whether I want to pull the trigger on that jacket or not. #pullingamikey
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Wait so is Rakuten doing a free shipping promo right now then? God, they have some great deals on used pieces
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i don't think all the shops are participating, but most are.

it's a great resource of rare/old stuff and far less intimating than y!jp. only have exp. with one store but they were very patient/helpful with me.
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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Basically I've come to a realization that a large chunk of my wardrobe is (rightfully and maybe unfortunately so) devoted to business casual stuff for work. Full CM and artisanal stuff are smaller, but probably equal components. A majority of non work jawnz is SS/MMM/RG/ToJ type stuff. A few random DH/Balmain type things. Really, that's enough. I still appreciate and want various things, but I don't really get that many chances to wear cool shit unless I want to overhaul my work wardrobe into full on tailored Jil/MMM/whatever or go full retard EG/Junya.

That, or a career change - someone with a cool sustainable business that doesn't have a dress code hiring? foo.gif
Who you calling a retard?
Originally Posted by Teger View Post

no, but really searching tonight as part of the free shipping promotion. a ton of cheap nom de guerre, schneider and ts(s)
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SF, I need your advice.

A couple of months ago, someone posted a link to a Boglioli unstructured herringbone jacket in the official ebay/b&s thread. Fool that I am, I put in a snipe, forgot about it, and ended up winning. It's a nice jacket, and one that I could probably give a good home. Regardless, it was during the heady days of midsummer, and there was no way in hell I was going to wear outerwear before October arrived. I hung it in my closet in the "I need to tailor this shit" section and promptly forgot about it until recently.

A couple of weeks ago, the guy contacts me saying his wife reminded him that she helped him pick out the jacket and could he please buy it back. He offers me a higher price than I paid on ebay, and I say ok. It takes him a while to pay for some reason - he originally asked me to send him a Google checkout invoice, and I have no idea how to do that or any particular interest in learning - but eventually he sends the money via PayPal and I mail him the jacket, which I have neither worn nor tailored at this point.

A couple of days after the jacket has arrived, I get an email from the guy saying that it's the wrong jacket. He wanted to buy back the brown Boglioli unstructured herringbone jacket, and I sent him the burgundy Boglioli unstructured herringbone jacket. (FWIW, I agree that the jacket is probably more burgundy than brown, but it's close enough between the two that it's kind of splitting hairs.) As such, he'd like to get his money back and he'll return the jacket to me. The only thing I can figure, unless the guy is totally blowing smoke, is that he had two Boglioli unstructured herringbone jackets, one in a brownish burgundy and the other in a true brown, and he thought he sold me the latter - which he must have sold at around the same time and for a similar price - when he actually sold me the former.

I'm not entirely sure what to do at this point. I don't particularly need the jacket, and I don't particularly want to deal with this person any more. The whole thing smells a bit off and I'd just as soon wash my hands of the matter, but at the same time I don't want this person harassing me via email or opening a PayPal claim against me.
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Not seeing more than 10 NDG pieces? Some good Schnieder tho!
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Shut up about rakuten you fools
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True story: I was on my final interview to work for Rakuten but I passed on it at the last minute because the hours are so awful
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Anybody else ever get this kind of thing through eBay?
Hi,my name is mike juniour and I am a wardrobe director for paramount pictures.we are interested in these boots for a motion pictures in pre-production starting dec.1st and releasing May 2014 with the working title of "still-in" staring Viggo mortensen...these boots would be for several scenes in which Viggo would wear....this being said,if we can come to a price agreement,we will extend a kyron rolling credit with your name..the above mentioned wears a traditional 11.5 us shoe.but we would really need your help on this....please let me know your thoughts on the above...all the best,mike juniour -

- vip.legends

Obviously, movies do not begin production in December for release five months later.


I didn't bother to respond. But today he followed up.
Did you get our message in regards to these boots.?

- vip.legends
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Am I the only one who has to uncheck "Include out of stock" for every new search? :fu: 

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I'd reply:
"Why yes, I did."
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