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Originally Posted by afixedpoint View Post

 Margiela flagship store in NY promised to help, but never heard back from them and they did not have store letterhead anyways.


FWIW they are lying about the letterhead. either that or you spoke to the lowest level floor assistant who didnt bother asking the manager where its kept.


either way, sounds right for maisons' ethos.


did reedo hear back from maison for his sneakers that ripped after minimal use?



paypal could have an easy  way to handle fake claims.  just mail it in to them, they have their specialists look at the item in consultation with stores and manufacturers. most "fakes" are fakes of luxury items, its a simple step for paypal to authenticate with the luxury brand itself.  itll take 4-6 weeks to resolve a claim but claims should be a hassle for buyer and seller, so that its used only as a last resort and not abused.

if its indeed a fake, paypal will refund you fully and destroy the item. fakes should be removed from circulation. seller is blacklisted and paypal account suspended.

if its legit, paypal retuns to you at your expense deducted from your account, case closed.

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Anyone know where to find some good jodhpur boots around $400? Preferably "slim".
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C&J or nothing.

Carmina has a nice pair on Epaulet
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Not part of his price range.
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i would have just photoshopped the letter
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...and made PayPal provide copies of a real one?
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Emory frat bro name drops Talking About The Abstraction in an otherwise predictably douchey email
What is in this season? Glad you asked.

Earthy Tones: Can't go wrong with mama earth's natural beauty, or even plaid (Blake you are in luck). Extra points if you can incorporate Burgundy.

Cuffed Paints: whether blue denims or brown oxfords, roll 'em up boys. These will pair amazingly with that pair of high top sneakers you've wanted to hit mags with.

Statement Scarves: I know this one is a stretch for most of you that aren't Aris, but statement scarves can make your ensemble heat up as the temperatures drop.

Designer you want to be looking like:

Japanese label, Talking About The Abstraction, just released their Spring/Summer lookbook, and boys, THIS IS HUGE. Start putting the spare change in the piggy bank if you want to look like a high roller. Link below, but remember, I am not liable for your computer's water damage when you begin to drool over the keyboard.
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Guys, contact your credit cards (I know, again with the credit card chatter) if you have a claim for someone's wrongdoing with regards to a purchase that you made. Credit Cards are generally much more on your side, and will usually credit your account while they conduct their investigation.
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Originally Posted by indesertum View Post

I had the weirdest dream last night where I hung out with c4est and got to try on some of his recent purchases (like the fringe shirt) and then we went and macked on some chicks.

Probably a sign I spend too much time here


make it happen, come to party this saturday

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Originally Posted by Distorbiant View Post

This is a common scam. Sorry man. I'm not trying to shovel grief upon you. It's just that I hope someone else can see this and hopefully not get scammed by this sort of bullshit as well.

There are very few house-locks that proper locksmiths can't pick easily.

If you youtube "locksmith scam" you'll find a lot of results about this.

Here's a good one with secret cameras:

Same thing happened to me one. I told the guy, "No worries, the door's not even locked. Say, you're about size 54, right?" The look on his face, right before I clocked him on the head was priceless. Three months later, my TOJ Skinsuit was good to go. Brings new meaning to the phrase "100% Italian Leather". Do you know how many locksmiths you have to call before you get five or six of pure Italian decent?

Originally Posted by meursault42 View Post

I know there is a stream of consistent thought that is taking place, but since this thread is called "random fashion thoughts" I'm going to inject some random. Why didn't I think of perusing ebay for a trench coat before last week? I've been staring down the barrel of a full price Burberry for months and just before I pulled the trigger I thought to look at ebay. Found a coat within minutes, was the PERFECT size, got it for less than $250 and the condition is practically mint. Don't be like me kids: if $1200+ seems like too much, it probably is. Thank you ebay. Thank you.

Be sure to check the authenticity on that, dude. Burberry has got to be one of the top counterfeit brands on eBay.
Originally Posted by jet View Post

not that complicated costs>revenue

rent is too DAMN high in ny, scumbag landlords

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post

If it's because they were losing money, then probably no, it's not that complicated, but it could be any number of not strictly financial things that led to the decision.  That said, if someone were to tell me that Atelier was losing money, it wouldn't be a huge surprise to me.  

In the interview @Teger
 did with Karlo Steel, Karlo said that 70% of their sales were online, which means that even in a city like NYC, there is only so much demand for that style of clothing.  And online is extremely competitive.  If you can't compete on price, on what grounds are you going to compete.   The internet has made "exclusivity" is generally a selling point, not a real proposition, unless you have a house brand, or work with companies that only do MTO, or if you only do MTO.  If just one other retailer, in the world. carries the same item, you don't have exclusity.  And if you want to compete on service, by far, the thing that consumers look for is convenience.  While it's cool to want to connect with each customer, and really get them to appreciate a garment, most customers would rather just be able to click and shop, and get things quickly and without a hassle.  It is sort of a bummer, but if you try to fight the tide, you generally end up drowning.  

Didn't I say basically the same exact thing like three months ago.
Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

Maybe Atelier is experimenting with the furniture store business model.

Going out of business! All the time! Hurry!

Why hasn't somebody thought of this sooner.
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Originally Posted by conceptual 4est View Post

make it happen, come to party this saturday

frown.gif dude I'm coming Sunday
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cheap black creepers - where to get
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Lmao biggskip
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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

Please don't get in touch with me


hey what's up :cool:

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