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Blazers, leathers, shawl-collar and non-black monochrome would all be pretty cool. DIY challenge, maybe?
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Winning a counterfeit claim with Paypal is not as easy as one might imagine. Bought a Margiela leather, turned out to be fake, and not even a remotely good one at that.. Paypal makes you procure a written note from a third party expert within 10 days (i.e. a stockist) verifying that it indeed is a counterfeit. The silly bit is that the note must be written on store letterhead, and having contact info in the note is not enough. Some of the Paypal folks are incredibly pedantic about this rule. None of the Margiela stockists in the Boston area were willing to help. Called a few stockists in NY, but no help there either. The lady from one stockist (LG) basically told me "Are you fucking crazy, why would we help you?" (I am always infallibly polite, not sure why the vitriol was necessary) Margiela flagship store in NY promised to help, but never heard back from them and they did not have store letterhead anyways.

Eventually saved by the folks from Roden Gray. Drafted up and sent me a letter on RG letterhead, no questions asked. Canadians are just nice, aren't they? (Their customer service has always been impeccable for normal requests too, like actually buying clothes and whatnot) One Paypal agent asked me upload the file, because that would be easiest for them (as opposed to fax). When i called back, another one told me "You should have faxed it instead, how do we know you didn't fake the letter? I am going to note that in the case file" Took a Herculean amount of restraint not to curse at her.

Fortunately, case eventually decided in my favor. Nevertheless, caveat emptor. Paypal does not make it easy to win a counterfeit claim.
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Glad it worked out, but in the event that it hadn't, you still had the charge back route.
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another reason to buy your mmm from rodengray.
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i must be the only person every time i go into a fit of rage the scissors come out nod[1].gif
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When I was shopping around for my 5-zip, none of the MMM boutiques were helpful at all.
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maybe they felt intimidated by you, i mean they must rarely see a handsome man in person inlove.gif
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Crosswound I already know who you are thinking of.
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I didn't realize there were fake Margielas, not that well known.


in the spirit of maison's surrealist outlook, seems there are "fake margielas' out there that are legitimate fakes as works of art.  "ceci n'est pas un margiela"


frankly im amazed rodengray does that.  its not canadian niceness its rodengray stupidity.

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Originally Posted by michaelyork View Post

frankly im amazed rodengray does that.  its not canadian niceness its rodengray stupidity.

Bored SAs are capable of lots of things. I don't think it's too much of a stretch for an associate to go out of their way to help a random dude.
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You're amazed that Roden Gray is dumb enough to go out of their way to help out a guy they've probably never met, with nothing in it for them? If that's dumb, I wish that everyone I met were that stupid. The world would be a better place for it.
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Maybe paypal's overcompensating for how easy it used to be to win a counterfeit claim.  That apocryphal violin story...


And Synth, t-neck(+blazer) fit fight.

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Originally Posted by Synthese View Post

You guys are fucking useless.


Power Clashing, SW&D style

Background Clashing (inspired by a recent fit in WAYWT): urban clothes in a suburban setting, or vice versa, or other permutations

Weekend Activity Challenge: photograph yourself wearing the most appropriate clothes for a given leisure activity

Weekend Activity Challenge 2: photograph yourself wearing the most inappropriate clothes for a given leisure activity


The MIRAN challenge: Post a bad fit, a photo of your dinner, and write as much as you possibly can about both

Gold challenge. Difficulty: no metal.

Chambray challenge (Party like it's 2008)

Mall Brand challenge

Wardrobe disparity challenge: your most expensive item paired with your least expensive item

Button-down shirt tucked into denim challenge

Necktie paired with denim challenge


Ok that last one might just be plain stupid, I guess I'll stop there.

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What is power clashing? I am just thinking of He-Man versus Skeletor, or something.
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Power clashing is the CM wearing-a-tie-that-clashes-with-your-suit-because-you're-rich-and-powerful-so-it's-okay thing.

Think there's a relevant 30 Rock clip somewhere.

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