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I dunno yet either, but I got a flyer from them - 50% off sale, all stock, starting tomorrow.  Nothing really that I want, but it will be interesting to find out what is the deal.  The move to the new location from their huge old digs suggests that it was a financial thing, but sometimes, the story is more complicated.  I wonder how much the encroachment of online retailing hurt them.  I mean, I understand that "human touch" thing, but it's hard to compete when other stores, including stores selling similar things, have easy to navigate webstores and click-and-buy capabilities that work 24/7.

not that complicated costs>revenue

rent is too fucking high in ny, scumbag landlords
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Originally Posted by jet View Post
not that complicated costs>revenue
rent is too fucking high in ny, scumbag landlords

If it's because they were losing money, then probably no, it's not that complicated, but it could be any number of not strictly financial things that led to the decision.  That said, if someone were to tell me that Atelier was losing money, it wouldn't be a huge surprise to me.  

In the interview @Teger did with Karlo Steel, Karlo said that 70% of their sales were online, which means that even in a city like NYC, there is only so much demand for that style of clothing.  And online is extremely competitive.  If you can't compete on price, on what grounds are you going to compete.   The internet has made "exclusivity" is generally a selling point, not a real proposition, unless you have a house brand, or work with companies that only do MTO, or if you only do MTO.  If just one other retailer, in the world. carries the same item, you don't have exclusity.  And if you want to compete on service, by far, the thing that consumers look for is convenience.  While it's cool to want to connect with each customer, and really get them to appreciate a garment, most customers would rather just be able to click and shop, and get things quickly and without a hassle.  It is sort of a bummer, but if you try to fight the tide, you generally end up drowning.  

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Wow, very surprised to hear they're closing. If I had to guess, I'd venture that perhaps it wasn't because of financial reasons. Obviously Karlo wasn't going to spill any secrets to me, but he did mention that they were in the process of overhauling their website, which is not a move a failing business makes. Maybe they're just cleaning out old stock?

Also just got off the phone with Frank Leder. Probably the most interesting (and unusual) designer I've spoked to so far.
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Originally Posted by Timbaland View Post

 It was bad seeing my girlfriend go to the ER which she ended up being billed a grand for.


A grand? Wtf... I've been living in the US long enough that stuff like this shouldn't surprise me, and yet it still does. Glad to hear no one was hurt

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Originally Posted by Teger View Post

Maybe they're just cleaning out old stock?

Nah, they did that over the summer. And the sale is on all their stock.

I can't decide if I think Atelier's closing is for financial reasons or not. They always seemed like they were able to move plenty of stuff at full price, and they had a really dedicated clientele. On the other hand, the cost of their clothing has steadily inched skyward, with only a few exceptions, so how much could they really be selling? Luxury clothing is already a niche, and then because of the design it's a niche within a niche. Rent in NYC has gotten insane, causing a lot of institutions to shut down like Roseland and the Stage Deli. Maybe it just didn't make financial sense anymore. The decision does seem really abrupt though. They seemed to have a lot of plans in the works, and I know they bought for spring (they were going to carry Haider Ackermann and I think Siki Im), so they probably had enough cash to go at least a while longer.
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they might just close down their storefront operations and operate strictly online. maybe they're clearing oldstock for this "rebirth" of sorts.
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Like pppp said all their stock is on sale
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the flyer doesn't seem ambiguous. just sounds like the store is closing.

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it's bizarre because they literally JUST moved into their new space. when I visited they were still painting the sign on the door and getting their AC hooked up.
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I can't believe I actually have to pay annual Alumni membership to access university's journal search engine. After all that dough I dropped for years. How much does it actually cost for the institution to grant access for like at least a year or two while I get ready for grad school??
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Atelier also just put all their stuff up on farfetch last week. Seems really surprising if they closed both online and brick-and-mortar shops. 

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^ see if your workplace has a subscription before you cough up the fees. All of the larger places I've worked at have subsidized or paid for ACM/IEEE membership

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or just find an undergrad friend and send them a list of articles you want.
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Maybe Atelier is experimenting with the furniture store business model.

Going out of business! All the time! Hurry!
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I'm thinking I'm going to try to set up a Friday SW+D challenge in the vein of the CM polls; maybe encourage even more crossover (not sure how much there would really be if they're on the same day, though - but whatever). It could be fun to do on SW&D; we've got such a range of styles that it might be a cool mishmash of stuff.

Anyone have an excellent idea for the first one? I was going to suggest a simple "cardigan challenge," but then I realized there would just be fifty Starks, fifty pairs of skinny denim, and fifty pairs of side-zip boots and I got discouraged.
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