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I know there is a stream of consistent thought that is taking place, but since this thread is called "random fashion thoughts" I'm going to inject some random. Why didn't I think of perusing ebay for a trench coat before last week? I've been staring down the barrel of a full price Burberry for months and just before I pulled the trigger I thought to look at ebay. Found a coat within minutes, was the PERFECT size, got it for less than $250 and the condition is practically mint. Don't be like me kids: if $1200+ seems like too much, it probably is. Thank you ebay. Thank you.

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Originally Posted by Timbaland View Post

I am deleting her number from my phone and skipping town

there we go
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I don't know exactly how your relationship works and the exact details, but if I was asked to drive someone's car on a trip we were taking together and then got into an accident, I'd want to split the costs 50/50 unless it was VERY clearly 100% my fault. Things can happen while driving no matter who is at the wheel, and you were both making use of the vehicle at the time. I was in a similar situation where my ex-girlfriend dinged another car while driving mine and we split the repair costs for both vehicles between us

Hey NN. In most scenarios I would think the driver in an accident is at fault unless he got hit or there's some other weird circumstance? In my case, the accident was my fault. I will just post the full details of the accident in case anyone is interested:

I was coming back home on a 2 lane highway (1 lane each way with no center divide) with a speed limit of 50 or 55 mph. Traffic was stop and go as there was an accident on the road. We passed the accident and traffic starts moving. I take my eyes off the road for a second as I sneeze. When I look up the traffic in front of me is completely stopped and I estimate I'm going 25 mph. I have a split second to react and jam on the brakes but it is far too late.

We hit the SUV in front of me (I'm in a Hyundai Sonata) and the damage to the car I'm driving is bad. Both front airbags went off, the windshield cracked in multiple places, the whole front is smashed, etc. I'm just thankful no one was seriously hurt. My girlfriend got checked out at the hospital just to be safe but she was fine. I don't know if it was adrenaline or shock but apparently the airbag hit me in the chest/face but I either don't remember it or didn't feel it. I figured it had to have hit me as I had sunglasses hanging on my shirt and they were smashed.

The SUV on the other hand only had some damage to the bumper which wasn't too bad at all. It wasn't caved in or anything.
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Originally Posted by stevent View Post

What insurance? Adjusters are usually pretty friendly and fwiw I got quite a bit over KBB on my e31 although I put a lot of work in it

Also depends on how much her premium goes up, that's the biggest issue I think

She has Farmer's insurance. Hopefully they give her blue book value on her car.
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cmon man aren't you a rich rapper?
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I wouldn't beat yourself up too much over it, that situation could happen to anyone. Shit happens all the time on I-25 here.
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Again, I don't know the details of your relationship, but it seems you weren't driving recklessly - sneezing and rear-ending someone is unfortunate and you're obviously at fault in the eyes of insurance, but accidents can happen to anyone. In this case, I think it'd be fair to split the costs since you were both making use of the vehicle. I think placing the burden on the driver (who is already doing the favor of driving!!) in cases like this is a bit unfair. I guess I see cases like this as less "you crashed her car" and more of "you got into an accident while both of you were in the car."

Obviously this is different for every person, and it complicates things a bit because it's her brother's car, but it looks like you are trying to do right by her and have things worked out pretty well so feel free to ignore my commentary!! Just good that you're both OK and it looks like the insurance will help out
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Originally Posted by Timbaland View Post

Thanks for the advice guys. The car is actually her brother's that she drives all the time. I talked to him and we came to an agreement.

I am paying his $2k deductible and the difference between the insurance check and the blue book value of the car. Then I am having him figure out how much his premium increase will be and will pay for that. My friend said the premium will probably only go up $200 to $300 a year so I'd pay $1k to $1.5k for that.

I mean, if you're OK with it, do your thing, but just to mirror a version of what NN is saying, you realize you're shouldering the entirety of this accident, when it was arbitrary that you were driving, correct?

as a compromise, paying the deductible and his insurance payment bump, and letting him(her) deal with whatever the insurance chooses to pay for the car (if it's under KBB) seems pretty accommodating to me.
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Originally Posted by Timbaland View Post

This was on a Saturday at 8pm. The maintenance at her apartment didn't deem it to be an emergency. I saw a google ad for locksmith with $15 service call and $45 charge to pick most locks. Don't believe it. They came and said the lock here was too difficult and took 5 seconds drilling 2 small holes in the lock to open the door. They charged me $185 for that shit plus the service call making it $200.

Like D said, you didn't actually hire a locksmith. $15 service call should have been your first clue, no skilled laborer would work that. They won't be able to pick my locks, so hopefully I don't lose my keys any time soon biggrin.gif
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anyone familiar with mail service from CA to the US? any reason to go DHL versus normal mail or vice versa?
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I like my Swaine Adeney Brigg.
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Just use CanadaPost/Royal Mail. Less chance of duties, only slightly slower service.
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Interesting, I never thought of it this way NN. It's always refreshing to hear other people's points of view on things. I do feel like I'm at fault for the accident as does the insurance company. I'm second guessing everything thinking I shouldn't have been following as closely, I should have taken my foot off the gas when I felt like I was going to sneeze, etc. It was bad seeing my girlfriend go to the ER which she ended up being billed a grand for.

Superego, yea I realize I'm shouldering the accident. I also feel responsible and terrible about everything. I hope the insurance company pays the kbb value of the car.
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I want to go full Magaret Howell. Time to initiate.

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Use canadapost i do everytime i had something shipped from ca
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