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It's all hyperbole based on 10 minutes of handling the jackets but they are pretty nice
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Want to touch them, but the only stockist is Tokyo. 


Also, I am now considering opening a noodle bar called HyperBowl. Or at least cooking up some noodles.

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Just read what I typed, meant "some of the best," not "THE best." Not as anatomically cut as Devoa pieces, but definitely a pattern that takes movement into consideration. I really like the idea of Devoa, but their garments are hard to work into my wardrobe - a lot of them are just "too" Devoa, e.g. super slim sleeves, too much stacking on the pants, the washi fabrics that look better than they feel or wear, etc. The jacket was in three incredible fabrics, had a fitted but not slim silhouette, and will work with a lot of different looks. I'm not paying $2000 for a jacket, but at half of that I'd have to think hard.
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Does Raf still release the velcro hi's in something similar to these?

If so, about how much are they going for?



Never really bothered with them but these look fantastic to me. Probably just the simple colorway and suede.

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Suggestions for a nice sturdy umbrella in the 100-150$ range? Both clasic full-length and collapsible ones could work, just so tired of my brightblue 5$ one (not to mention it looks ridiculous with everything I wear laugh.gif )
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I've never used an umbrella.
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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Aldo, Nine West and several other brands make these. Nike and Reebok even have their own versions. Marants still the best though.

Rad, thanks. I feel like there's a lesson in here somewhere about not ignoring mainstream brands.

Probably hoping for too much, but does anyone know if any of them have a removable footbed (like the MMMs)?

Also, was someone looking for a ridiculously long hoodie a while back (maybe B!CD)? This one's a hell of a lot cheaper than Silent:
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Originally Posted by grizzlybear View Post

audis are garbage I dont care what anybody says. Get a pre 70's 4 door merc, or a pre 70's jaguar series 1 :slayer:

Yeah, that won't require any expensive maintenance.
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Ooooh I really want that one notwithit, thanks for the tip biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by pickpackpockpuck View Post

sorry man, but that stuff (NeverWet) isn't really that great. when it first came out over the summer it got a lot of bad reviews. for instance:

I used it on some suede espadrilles and it worked better than i expected. After a few weeks of wear it still works. Though I over sprayed and it looks white-ish on a few parts.
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nicelynice: I reckon as they're an American label, you're to find they're about half the price on the domestic market.
Did you end up kopping that A&S jacket? I'd love to hear your impressions.
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So my quest for a pair of very slim black wool trousers goes on, where can I find a pair (B&S or retail) for $150 or less? Looking for a low rise and a hem under 7"
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Or find some old +j ones reedo
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