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Originally Posted by VLSI View Post

Anyone have recs for jeans that fit similar to OL 70s wash, pretty loose thigh with slight taper? Tired of slim/skinny jeans plus they no longer fit...


new standards?

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+1^, still my favorite fit.
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steveo yes to both questions. will post pics this weekend.
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caseyfud.. for 6-7k you should find an older civic SI.

they are bulletproof and fun to drive.
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casey, if you drive in the mountains a lot check out the Subaru WRX, 2006+. Might still be too pricey but they are fun cars with a lot of power and all wheel drive. Albuquerque doesn't get much snow but Taos isn't far... my parents lived there until last year.

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get a truck you pussy

(lives in city and takes public transit)
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Ronnie Fieg x Sebago


bootleg VISVIM
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Originally Posted by StanleyVanBuren View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

this is my new favorite thing on the internet

There's a Soviet Russia joke there somewhere.
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hab don't lie. those cars aren't bulletproof. Casey if you shoot your car you will get speed holes, though
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i think i give up on CM. nothing looks good on me

the unconstrained environment of SW&D with mixed silhouettes works better (not appropriate for work though).

think i have spent more money in the last few months trying to dial in CM attire for work than I have in 2.5 years buying/selling in the SW&D scene

I feel pretty comfortable with SW&D and thought I could venture in CM side of things. Lame.

just going to carve out a small portion of my closet dedicate for work, meetings, social functions, etc. instead of the 50/50 I had intended on. I feel so let down. oof

on that note, the local donation centers are going to receive a nice size package of clothes from me this holiday season. as is i feel suffocated by all these Yoox boxes littering my room, and clothes
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The Esemplare felted polyster parka I just got might just be one of the coolest jackets I've ever handled. Super beefy material, fantastic detailing, great oversized hood for Nazgul steeze, and great warmth.

Unfortunately it's a size too small. Goddamnit. ffffuuuu.gif
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^ devil.gif
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Toasty...  If you have 1 dark suit, a decent pair of shoes, and some boring shirts and ties, you are doing better than most people in the real world. If, god help you, you've been fucking around with tan pants and tasseled loafers (I kid, but not really), GET OUT NOW.

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Originally Posted by Benesyed View Post


Fashion x Winter proof boot problem solved?

sorry man, but that stuff (NeverWet) isn't really that great. when it first came out over the summer it got a lot of bad reviews. for instance: http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2013/07/neverwet_review_the_water_repelling_spray_is_no_miracle_product.html
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