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mrporter ?
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Originally Posted by spacepope View Post

where can one even kop N4 knitwear?

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anyone familiar with the fit of moncler x white mountaineering stuff? have my eye on one of the outerwear pieces and not sure how to size, wear a 44 jacket, and an L in most things, but don't have a good read on outerwear

M: 22.5 ptp
L: 23.5 ptp
XL: 24.5 ptp
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Has anyone seen these before? I was introduced to these at a Mexican quinceañera. This guy was wearing all black with a sparkly pink belt and the sparkly pink pointy boots. Sadly I did not get to see the dance they are popular with but it was funny seeing him dance and try not impale his partner. I'm surprised someone hasn't made them as goofy as it looks you never know

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Outside of this, no.

This comes up when you youtube "mexican pointy boots"
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would like to know how in barely 12hrs a exact shirt that was only sold out in one color size 42. is now sold out in all 5 colors and

edit: never mind must be a error with the website all things are sold out.
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wearing black jeans, first time in 15 years. Looks good icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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i'm on the lookout for some black jeans slim tapered. nod[1].gif
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Lou Reed cry.gif
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Originally Posted by noob View Post

Lou Reed cry.gif

What? The guy from the Supreme shirt?
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Seriously, though, this was always one of my favorites of his:

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Originally Posted by Parker View Post

Youth Mode: A Report On Freedom link

  trend forecasting blabble (Click to show)
• It used to be possible to be special. As long as you were different from the people around you, you were safe. But the Internet and globalization fucked this up for everyone.

• You’re so special nobody knows what you’re talking about.

• The details that distinguish you are so small that nobody can tell you’re actually different.

• When the fringes get more and more crowded, Mass Indie turns toward the middle. Having mastered difference, the truly cool attempt to master sameness.

I read this 2 hrs after reading Adorno's How to look at television. In a reversal of commonly perceived level of obfuscation, Adorno's text is crystal clear while I have no idea what these marketers are saying (my guess is they're saying nothing, there are no concepts here only gibberish).
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These young kids with their jazz, though.
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Been trying to get into post-normcore lately.
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Oh and Lou Reed was an asshole (good musician though).
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