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I should arm-wrestle Fok, also ~5'11" 175 haha
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post


From the good armwrestlers I've seen, a lot of very specific strength and technique is needed.  Although Charly and Knucks are decided more musclebound than gdl, he is considerably taller (unless Charly and Knucks are just huge, proportional human beings, like Shaq), and has much longer arms, which are a huge benefit.  Kunk is pretty tall, and has really long arms, so I don't think that gdl is going to be able to take that one. 


Need a lot of forearm and wrist strength (and other techiques like shoulder rolling/pressing) to properly arm wrestle. Sheer muscle mass/strength from conventional bodybuilding is not going to get you very far. Cool video of pro arm wrestler vs. bodybuilder:


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Hah, arm wrestling challenge sounds fun.
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Size, build, specific strength and whatever aside my bets on charly
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yo crushin on charly so hard mang
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what's goin' on here... :paranoia:

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We're debating your physical merits.
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"Pro Arm Wrestler" hahahahahaha
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There was some televised/PPV type arm wrestling league where you could punch people etc. while arm wrestling IIRC it was called X-ARM or something.
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knucks is not really tall but i've seen him lifting at the gym and generally squats several people at a time
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knucks is like 160lbs now
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I can hardly lift a box full of Buttero boots
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I need more brown/green/warm toned outerwear. I set up a clothing rack last night to hold my jackets and coats - they're all black/gray/blue. I blame you Styleforum.
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Am starting to think jet is on to something. There's just something really decadent yet also totally sensible about quality knits.

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... which demand quality jeans, trousers, shoes, boots, sneaks, shirts, outerwear, etc ad nauseum. You can get away with going cheap on base layers, but in your heart, you'll know you''re just cheating yourself.

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