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Unloading and loading your uniqlo purchases.
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This halloween I'm going to be a dracula.
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this halloween i'm going to be gothic rod stewart

which is to say, me everyday
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i swear to god if someone else gets this item instead of me, i'm going to have to knife a person.

we shall find out in a few hours if i need to go to jail for premeditated murder.
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What is it? I always get anxious during these moments and just robocop immediately.

If there is a BIN do it
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Last time someone outbid me, I also wanted badly to knife them in the throat

...until someone else outbid me on the knives. dammit
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yes, "gothic rod stewart"! 

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Unfortunately, it is not on ebay
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Waiting through PMs? OMG that is worse lol

Proxy? OMG good luck. sometimes people are just not reliable

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That feeling when you're Making an Offer on an ebay item and there's someone else doing the same. OMG is right.

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hm has some nice looking fucking sweaters out right now, i'm sure they're junk but they look nice
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i'm safe from jail.... for now icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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this one looks pretty nice and for $25 and 100% cotton aint bad man

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I'm working from home for the foreseeable future, and with the weather cooling down, I need "lazy stay at home dude" style that isn't a pair of Uni-Qlo shorts and a t-shirt

Can I get any better than LL bean for this kind of thing?

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Originally Posted by spacepope View Post



I have no idea what this costume is supposed to mean, err I don't wear berets, Margiela does though.
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