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I want a black varsity.
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Originally Posted by jet View Post

I want a black varsity.

Have you seen the SLP one?
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not interested, will cop better design and quality for cheaper
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should have kopped a toj, jet foo.gif
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apc has one this season for about 600-700 usd

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Unis, too (I SUSPECT these are Skookum-made)
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I suspect that the Skookum ones will not feel lux enough for @jet. I've seen a number of these from @fourhorsemen, and they are really solid, old school jackets, but are not meant to be in the same vein as SLP and other designer brands.

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suddenly i kind of want a varsity again.
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black varsities are popping up everywhere. pretty sure I saw one in the window of club monaco and then again in the window of topman. or maybe it was zara. but i bet they all have a version, or at least will before winter
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Jet, you can still get a toj one
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no he can't. toj stopped making varsities. second hand market, maybe. but they're not very common anymore either
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huh? TOJ0?
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I can't tell if nahneun is serious or if he's just very bad at trolling
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Well I think I'm bad at it because jet gave a real response to my SLP suggestion frown.gif
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was trolling myself
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