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have a new found respect for barena after stopping by jackstraw at lunch to check out their eg buy

some beautiful cardi/blazers, beautiful material and a nice handmade unfinishedness to them. sizing was all over the place though

and the dries alpaca bomber they had got me a little wet

also, loving the eg lafayette jacket...just not sure whether in the navy/red or navy/grey colorway:

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Hi, i want to buy some gyakusou clothing items but can't find any good information on sizing/fits. Wondering if any one is around my size, 5'6" 130 lbs 36-37" chest 28-30" waist. I like running in regular nike small jackets and medium shorts/tights. Ty if someone can help me with choosing a size.
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^ Jack Straw is a great shop, good to see SFer dropping by.

I really like Barena fabrics and the unstructured shape, sadly it does not fit me.
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Do they have smaller sizes in stock now? Might stop in and check them out this weekend.
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Which dries bomber? From this season?
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really want to like barena but tired of everything being so fucking cropped these days, even remember when dries used to be real loose now his shit is running small

feelin bogloli for a hybrid sw/mc look, also want an aspesi gilet

also benched 295 today sup kunk u bitch
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lots of smaller stuff in eg, and a pretty impressive buy overall--entire back room is dedicated to eg

barena was a mix, and hit or miss on the other stuff as well--believe they had the dries in a few diff sizes
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Originally Posted by el Bert View Post

Which dries bomber? From this season?

believe it's this f/w, and don't recall the some pics, I'd be able to point it out
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i tried on the asymmetrical zip black one with the fur lining and the fuzzy cream jacket - they are super cropped on me and i am pretty short...
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Looking for a nice wallet chain. Any recommendations? Chrome hearts is too expensive. 

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What do you guys think of the the goth trend that is all over the fashion media right now? The whole hipster haircut thing is bad enough--mullets are wrong and they scare me. But now goth is becoming trendy...leather and black everywhere...thoughts? All I know must be hard to be goth in summer. That's why its an Autumn trend LOL

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Black on black on black in black on pasty white has been the Toj uniform for years
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WIWT: white on black on black on black on black on white on black on white on black

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So like a proper swede you are black on the inside.
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I do not like wearing jeans at night parties.

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