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can't wait to see some idiot in ny or paris rocking these

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yeah only an idiot would buy the short version
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Yea tall pony hair version looks a lot better.
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tom ford plum japonais smells mad fucking good

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Holy shit people think I'm gay talk. Maybe they're right? Big deal...
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Originally Posted by crosswound View Post

Lol 2nd part of advice can get ugly quick would not recommend.


The part about starting a blog?

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There are so many different plain, black Bikkemberg trousers on Yoox, it's maddening.
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dude, that rick show is getting mad traction. at least two of my non-fashion friends have linked to it on facebook. thankfully all the comments touch on the social/racial aspects and not "omg are those even clothes?"
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Originally Posted by Raindrop View Post

Hm, I should rephrase that.

Best day after workout food!

Everyday is a gym day.
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checking out an apc button down flannel and this is one of the five pictures featured:

"shit, so THAT'S what it'll look like under a jacket and sweater (no vis) from behind"
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where to find loose white/cream/light grey linen pants (like yohji) w/o shelling out an arm/leg (for yohji)?   i have this long ann D sweater i like a lot but cant figure out anything else to go with it but pants like these..

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usps updates the last 3 updates saying my package is available for pickup for a full day and no more updates today. go in today to try to pick up package they say to me oh it's mailing out today. same shit service but raised prices yep nod[1].gif
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Just spreading the word!
She's a CSM student that won a contest and now her bracelet is being sold at the V&A!!!
And she's really nice so cop for your significant other...or mom!

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did disto just post in the alden thread uhoh.gif
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Bracelet is pretty cool :thumbs up:
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