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Originally Posted by shoreman1782 View Post

Don't fucking sign for packages clearly not addressed to you.

The receptionist for the office probably just signed for it without paying attention to who it was for. I fail to see why the USPS carrier would even attempt to do such a moronic thing, but it's sort of par for the course for them.
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Originally Posted by melonadejello View Post

But get this new one, Lousy With Sylvianbriar ASAP.
I got the previous one, Paralytic Stalks too, since I'd never given it chance and I'm actually liking it, but it's pretty out there

I just bought the new Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark album, and lo, it sounds *exactly* like an Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark album from the 80s. I am pleased, so very pleased.
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Margret howell thread is making me reconsider everything.
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Can I confess to quite liking the look of some of H&M's new collection? shog[1].gif


They don't stock it in my local branch, so no idea what the construction is like, but Abraham Moon fabrics are decent enough.
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^interesting, looks quite nice and seems far better than regular hm

will check it out if I have the chance, no doubt that stuff will go on severe markdown too
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Thanks for the tip, I'm actually pretty into this.  Will keep an eye on it when sales hit, as there are a handful other things ssense has this season I've got my eye on that I don't quite want at retail.



On that note, I'm feeling pretty disheartened.  I've been on a no-kop spree for a while, along with selling a bunch of stuff in an effort to justify this $2000 fur-lined fishtail I've been wanting (the fur lining is removable and so the jacket can be worn a few different ways as well, with just the fur lining (fur inside), just the fur lining (fur outside) or just the fishtail parka.  It was like my dream coat since I get very cold and really, really want some fur to keep me warm so I don't have to layer as much as I normally do.


I'm disheartened because I went to go check it out again yesterday and probably just get it, but in the process my girlfriend explained to me how cheap rabbit fur was and for $2k it should be lined with something better, and how the pelts they used weren't even consistent in quality.  Now, I'm not one to justify costs by saying "oh I'll have this forever" (I spent more on the Coppens jacket and that is just absurd) but I don't want to baby the thing, but the thought of having the fur start balling up and looking shitty after just a season or two really sucks.


The jacket never goes on sale either (which is why I didn't buy it last year) and even the employees aren't allowed to get a discount on it, so there isn't much I can do to make the cost easier to swallow, which would be about $2200 after tax.



So tl;dr: my dream fur coat is way overpriced (unsurprising, but absolutely fine with me) but more importantly it will start to look shitty after a year or two according to someone familiar with the materials used.

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Another RFT, which I'm debating on crossposting in the Vest-thing thread.


In the Henrik Vibskov boutique, I tried on this Barbara i Gongini lederhosen strap...thing and I think it has potential for layering:



Here it is so you can see the whole thing, although I would never wear it on the outside this way.  you can see I left the cross-chest strap just dangling, and on the left side the is a big key-ring added to a strap that is hanging as well.




This is the only way i would consider wearing it, underneath another piece of outerwear or clothing.  Lifted up the jacket in the pic so you can see where they keys would hang from.





It's tempting, but I feel like it might delve into the territory of weird fetish wear even if I style it in my own way.  Looking it up on her website, it definitely feels even creepier.  Still, the way I would wear it I feel like it could be kind of cool to just have some straps of leather and keys hanging out from below my jacket



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that cross chest fetish harness would be so good under a blazer too. i like the idea of the key hook as well!
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4est - I found something for you


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Originally Posted by melonadejello View Post

That's about when they fell off everyone's radar because Skeletal Lamping and False Priest were garbage. maybe not all as bad as I remembered, but GOD are the low points low and not exactly memorable overall

But get this new one, Lousy With Sylvianbriar ASAP.
I got the previous one, Paralytic Stalks too, since I'd never given it chance and I'm actually liking it, but it's pretty out there

Many thanks. Will definitely pick it up.
Originally Posted by ghdvfddzgzdzg View Post

I've got a Jiffy travel steamer that has treated me really well for about 3 years. it's this one:

Rad, I'll probably go with that one.
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Step aside "boning" -- now there's "frogs"

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rft: if i can ever find a pair derbies that are on a last that feature a normal width forefoot but a narrower heel area i will buy 5 pairs

more shoes: can anyone recommend a good cobbler in seattle? i've used emerald city shoe repair for small stuff, but i need a re-sole on a pair of boots and i don't know if they're up for it
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Maybe I've asked before: best knit pants out there right now? Sweatpant type pants or trouser styled pants, but knit fabric and tapered cut are key
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