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Originally Posted by momentoftruth View Post

decent article but unfortunately this being the NYT he's pretty much preaching to the choir.


It's compounded by the fact that I live in car-centric Houston, but the obsession many people here have with portion size (and "getting their money's worth") always astounds me. And I feel like most restaurants/coffeeshops have no choice but to adhere to that mentality. I see fat people getting unhealthy/too much food all.the.time and I feel sad. But I'm an ex-fatty, so I'm super judgmental on the subject.


I was in Reno, NV recently, having never really traveled off the east coast, and the portion sizes there blew me away.   Everything is gigantic, even in the supermarkets, and it's all sort of bland.  Even the bloody marys were supersized (at $4 each compared to $10-$12 here, I got several).

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Originally Posted by MarkI View Post

Oh no, 140.

Yeah that was...kind of the joke. Sorry.
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Originally Posted by brad-t View Post

god guys please you are ruining my delusions of being thin forever with no effort

You girls tend to gain all your weight in the ass, though.
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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

You girls tend to gain all your weight in the ass, though.

i don't find this funny, but i also don't find it offensive so i haven't decided if you're an asshole yet
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what's quality like on apc button downs? pricing is similar to gitman vintage--better or worse quality wise, and worth retail?

also, the 'chemise steve bleu' might be the greatest garment name I've ever heard...liking the black/white gingham better though
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Apc isn't really a brand known for quality
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Originally Posted by stevent View Post

Apc isn't really a brand known for quality

bit of an overstatement, but in button downs specifically? denim obviously isn't top tier, but it's not bad.
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^uhh yeah actually it is? like that's literally what it is, fine quality basics. it's not incredible stuff but it is relatively well made.

re superego the buttondowns are nice, nice fabrics and better patterning and construction than gitman.

the only apc stuff that seems questionable to me are their shoes. they also happen to be incredibly narrow so i can't wear them anyway.
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i've never had probs with the quality of my apc stuff (wait, actually some stitching on a pair of trousers came undone, but the shirts have been unscathed!)

you might want to try the shirts on, though, as apc does have a few different cuts floating around
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I quit smoking 9 months ago, gained 20 pounds and I don't seem to have the energy to lose it. Maybe I should sell all my bigger clothes and that would force me to slim down.

At 6'1"

165 when I was 20, 187 on my 30th birthday 2 weeks ago
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Maybe phrased better apc stuff is decent quality but for price they are charging quality is not on par

That said apc does go on sale consistently
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What in that price range is significantly better quality? Or better at all?
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To me APC is overpriced for what it is and not interesting enough to spend that amount of money on. If I want(ed) boring, good value basics, I'd go much lower - Uniqlo offers far better value for money. And if I want something much more carefully designed and constructed, you don't pay much more than APC to get Cabourn, EG, Albam, etc. (and actually, since I'm not to bothered about being up-to-date, I tend to find things on sale and 2nd hand, often significantly less than new APC). Finally, their denim is about the same price as the best Japanese selvedge I can get down at Ameyoko market just down the road from me (and not that much more at specialists in the US either), without having anything like the same quality or design features, and when you can get what I would argue would be not noticeably worse product for significantly less money than APC from Naked & Famous, for example, why would you bother at all?

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I only buy the jeans.
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