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Originally Posted by thekunk07 View Post

type the things you've been thinking, about buying, collections, designers, whatever.

I'll start.

selling all my funkiest shit because what i like isn't necessarily what i should be wearing. like it or not i probably look better in this:

than this:

more MMM, dries and cheap basics, less rick, raf, etc.


I definitely think you look better in pic 1 than 2!!

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yeah, Marguila interview is not happening

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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tommy lee jones is margiela?

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Hey guys, I am here once again looking for help


This week in school we're going to decide what we want to do as our "gymnasiearbete", which is basically a "course" that we choose ourselves and that we're each going to do on our own until february next year (which is when you should be done). We will also write a 10-20 page thesis with the framing of a question (which is the whole "reason" you're doing this work) and a report of the whole process and what results you achieved. Oh and you can only pass the assignment or fail it, no high or low grades, so as long as it is somewhat related to science/physics/biology/math and you do it well you're fine.

Right now I'm thinking:

"What ratios should be used for an optimal trebuchet, speaking in terms of velocity and distance of the projectile shot?" (=I'd build trebuchets and try them out)

But to be honest, I'd prefer doing something clothing/accesory-related, so, anyone happen to have any bright ideas for a "question"/"issue" that'd be both somewhat scientific and clothing-related?
(note: we're supposed to build/test/try stuff out and use that to come to conclusions, so can't just write some hypothetical question and be done with it)

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I, too, am looking for advice.

Heading to France for a couple of weeks, and need to make sure I have good walking shoes. None of my dress shoes or boots have been used for all day walking, so I am hesitant to rely on them for such activities 6000 miles from home. My regular errand/all day shoes at home are an old pair of Brooks running shoes, but they aren't really stylish (vomit) enough.

I am thinking... Flyknits in black/white? Will try those on tonight at Nordstrom.

Any other ideas?
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the first thing that came to my mind was this not washing jeans / bacteria thing
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Originally Posted by Mr. Moo View Post

Any other ideas?

New Balance peepwall[1].gif
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Serious question - are Nike Free Flyknits and Nike Flyknits different shoes?
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free flyknit


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Thank you!
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Mephistos are French foo.gif
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The black and white racers /trainers or what they are called are incredibly bland looking in person.
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Moo, I wandered around the Languedoc a month or two ago in my flyknits and they were great for what I was doing (hiking, exploring, playing with wild boars (0)). They're really packable too, if you get the original one that doesn't have the lunar sole. Also, being totally serious - back when I wore Clarks DB's, I logged some serious miles in those things and always found them really comfortable. They'd be perfect for the temperature this time of year, too. You can wear with shorts or jeans. I always found them a useful shoe to have around, for whatever reason.
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