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problem with schneider is that nobody knows how to size

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Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post

This is why I said it wasn't only a geographical experience that was needed but also to move along many circles. I don't see why those old Germans are any more pathetic than George Clooney.

I completely misunderstood what you wrote.
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I've got a bunch of stuff I want to put up on B&S when I get back from the Bahamas, but I'll only be around for 6 weeks. Mostly button down shirts, and a duffle. I haven't sold anything here in a while, but I'm not looking forward to the process of offloading everything. Always a hassle. I think i'm just going to list them at great prices, take good pictures, and then if people want them, great. If not, I already bought them; they're technically already a loss. I'm just trying to cut the loss a little bit.
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I put up a Margiela henley on B&S maybe 2 years ago, bumping it every couple of weeks and never got a single pm. Last week, someone posted my B&S link to the "someone should kop" thread and I received 6 pms within an hour.
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People definitely buy according to price and not necessarily desirability (perhaps branding), I myself have no doubt shopped like this on numerous occasions. I feel like this is due to a number of factors:

1. People on here, especially the SW&D side, are not often loaded, and buying one piece means not buying another. Therefore lower priced items mean more bang for their buck.

2. Not having access to these items in real life means taking a total chance on sizing, construction, fabric, how it fits in with your wardrobe, condition, etc. The lower the price, the easier it may be to flip if it doesn't work out.

3. Everyone likes deals.
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i don't get sf's mentality of settling for less to maximize perceived value. buying one nice thing is better than buying 4 shitty things when you're trying to build a wardrobe. frankly, if you can shop on sf/sufu/sz/whatever, you're not THAT poor.
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I agree with nahneun but I usually would spend more on outerwear/footwear than other stuff, basics are usually pretty cheap.
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Originally Posted by Biggskip View Post

I asked this a few days ago, but seemed to get lost in the shuffle. How does EG sizing compare to Needles?


I'm typically an M in EG tailored jackets (bedford, etc), and their slimmer cut shirts (tab collar, western).  The two Needles pieces I own (a rebuild jacket and a shirt) I also have in an M, so the same size.


I think in my very limited experience, the standard Needles stuff tends to be cut narrower in the shoulder and wider in the body than EG.  The rebuild pieces, well each piece is unique and I think it varies. I saw measurements for a rebuild mods parka where an xs would fit me, I've seen other pieces (like the fatigue shirt Inventory has) that look like they run small.  My rebuild jacket fits me perfectly tts.


Nepenthes are pretty good at responding to emails I think, so probably best to contact them if you're interested in something and don't know how to size.

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one of my professors wore mmm gat mids today

i was really surprised

they look way better in real life
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Originally Posted by istasi View Post

one of my professors wore mmm gat mids today

i was really surprised

they look way better in real life


I would flip out. Did you chat him up about it? I would have
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It's funny though, with the buy and sell being so slow I buy way less clothing. I phone Haven a couple weeks before i go there have the stuff shipped to the store (no charge) and try it on before I buy.
This way everything I buy fits great, and would only sell because I don't like it anymore.
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Has anyone made an SF buying guide for Chicago yet? I don't actually live downtown, but I'd be willing to help put a thread together if other Chicago SF'ers are interested in some sort of collaboration...
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Originally Posted by RegisDB9 View Post

Since I was born in Cuba I can't vacation there and enjoy it fully. I feel like shit staying at a "5 Star Hotel" while the family is mixing powder for milk. If you go to Cuba just enjoy it look at the 50's era cars still running with makeshift everything, clear and untouched beaches (shores are plentiful in lobsters etc since they are off limits) tropical drinks, and the hospitality. I met plenty Canadians while I was there and they looked like they did not want to leave...ever

I'm at a point where I don't want to visit anywhere else in the world and just drift around the Caribbean for a couple months at a time until I touch every island and cay

Jet, I'd say come down to the MIA, stay at the Delano

Good advice for travel anywhere IMO

I don't really get why people stay in super expensive places abroad, especially when you can easily hook up an apartment these days online
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I'm thinking of going on a solo trip to Thailand next year or with one my friends from LA whose been there, going alone basically lets you go and do whatever you want without having to wait for anyone else. I just think if you travel it just depends you want or expect from it.
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