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damn bam! u straight evil

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Originally Posted by gettoasty View Post

It's not

B!CD is either:

A) Trying to troll us
B) Being trolled
C) Trolling himself

B is a strong possibility
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haha B!CD that is ice cold
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So when MC wants to fit in (funerals), they wear black, but SW&D wears black it's to rebel. My brain has a hurting.

(though in all seriousness this is actually an interesting discussion).

I'll +1 to the idea that I think the black color is useful for SW&D because it takes away the color aspect so other qualities like cut/flow and texture can be more easily appreciated)
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eh.gif That should have ended with I'm young in my teens...
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Hopefully he doesn't frequent RFT and just posts in what is Ryan wearing today.
We need more!

..but I feel bad redface.gif
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his posting history is nothing but gosling questions. it's crazy. I don't even think he's set foot in other threads, though granted he has like 10 posts total.

but i don't have the heart to continue the pm convo confused.gif. i might have "ryan gosling" contact him somehow, then that could be the end of it
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Originally Posted by Find Finn View Post

How is that going for you? wink.gif

um, have you seen how cool i am?
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


I don't think there necessarily has to be a big reason behind having an affinity for black ... it's like asking why someone likes burnishing on shoes or whatever. It's just a preference, informed by countless things, consciously or otherwise.

My style is quite severe, so black and grey lend itself well to that severity whereas greys and blues might be lacking in impact. Furthermore, it has practical advantages in that coordination between items is a lot easier, so you can have more complete outfits with less pieces than a more color-coordinated wardrobe might require.
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Thing I like about black (and shades of grey) is that the emphasis of an outfit is primarily on elements of shape (silhouette, textures, movement, etc.). Color tends to distract from that.
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Definitely. Makes deciding on shit before coffee so much easier
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Thing that sucks about owning a lot of black clothing is that I have a Welsh Corgi. I go through at least one lint roller a month. ffffuuuu.gif
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Lol That would be a downside. But you have a dog. And dogs are the jam. I don't even trust somebody if they don't like dogs (or black)
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My buddy was telling me about a co-worker he sits next to at work who was OBSESSED with dogs, especially Corgis. He had dog photos, calendars, etc. hanging in his work station, despite having never owned a dog since he'd never lived in a place where pets were allowed.

But the guy recently bought a condo, and could thus fulfill his dream of owning a dog. A few weeks ago, the guy told my buddy he was going to be buying a Corgi that weekend. The following Monday, my friend asked him how the new dog was. The guy looked like he was about to cry. For whatever reason, he just couldn't bring himself to play with the dog. My friend couldn't say for sure, but he's under the impression the guy returned the dog. Not long after, all the pictures and calendars were gone, the dream and obsession seemingly obliterated.

Now, the guy's all about red pandas.
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Dogs are fine. People who treat their dogs like actual people creep me out. People who bring their non service dogs into restaurants or other places of business with them are assholes. People who let their dogs sleep on their pillow next to them in bed are gross.
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