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I've got some sympathy for you, bud. If the seller had agreed to mark down the value then it's lousy of him to not do it.


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I think Australia you have 1000 or 1500 limit before they start applying customs. Such a great deal


Yah, it's a $1k limit, but what I'm saying is that I've never had anything done for customs, even when the values been marked significantly higher. It was in yen though. Dunno if the customs officer could be bothered doing the conversion.

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Phillip Lim for Target. This is happening.

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Simon Crompton getting a bespoke leather from Gieves and Hawkes. I'll  admit to a little jealousy.

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Phillip Lim for Target. This is happening.

When does it drop? Me want sweats
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Sept 15

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Did a quick round of shopping this weekend in San Francisco, weather was beautiful.

Barney's - ran into a fob couple decked out in all Gucci/Givenchy. Dude was trying on some Louboutin sneakers. Seemed like a lot of sizes (both clothing and shoes) were already gone in Balenciaga, Lanvin, MMM, Jil and Givenchy. Even Lim was looking pretty sparse. Geller had a tiny rack of mostly button down shirts and a couple T-shirts. Barena stuff is nicer in person than it looks online for the most part. Interesting to see BoO display between Jil and Dries. Felt like a lot less Boglioli than the last time I was there as well. There was a baby blue-ish Jil fur coat collar that was for sale. I almost wish I asked how much it was.

On the bright side: I convinced gf to check out some more SF-ish women's stuff. On the down side: she now has a ballpark idea of how much my jawnz cost. She's not a fan of the 5 zip confused.gif (or really any of my leathers) or my boots - looks "ghetto". There was only 1 black 5 zip left at $2150. Maybe I will ask her to take a proper fit pic sometime so I don't have to post surreptitious selfies at awkward angles.

Bloomingdales -EG rack was nowhere to be found (although they had almost a FSR on everything during the last sales - for better prices than almost every SF approved store was offering). Saw an interesting Junya tweed coat for about $1650. There was maybe half a rack worth of Ervell and everything looked tiny so I didn't bother.

Archive - closed on Sundays.

MAC - was closed by the time I would have been able to get over there.
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it was, but more of a tangent (hence freddy); i have a vague memory of a monster i thought was from HL that had a big bazooka in place of one arm and maybe just a stump on the other, that's what i was really looking for, but i was too impatient to search very long

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Barena stuff is nicer in person than it looks online for the most part.

I was also really impressed with the Barena stuff I saw at Barney's in chicago. The materials were all very nice, and I'm a sucker for that kind of soft tailoring so of course I was into it. I would probably be saving up for a piece or two if I didn't already own like five casual blazers. Gonna be done with outerwear for a while...
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Only gripe with Barena is lack of matching bottoms
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Barena also goes for dirt cheap at yoox regularly as well as lesser known European stores. One gripe is though some arms I can't get my arms through and others are super baggy
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I always see (the same?) asian couple at Barneys, always wearing Givenchy/Louboutin/Balmain He bought some spiked Loubs last time lol.
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I am a stupid, weak young man. Coming to a decision between a black lamb CWU, brown lamb CWU, and brown lamb A-2 has brought me to questioning the very constitution of my being. foo.gif
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Brown a2 for dat shurrrrling
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I have a random urge to try out sufu-worthy unsanforized jeans because I found a pair with a modern cut on sale for a reasonable price.
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I recall seeing a black cwu with a stand collar on here and that thing was better looking than any a2 I've ever seen
Never been a fan of the pointy stiff leather collars either
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