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Phillip Lim for Target. This is happening.

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Simon Crompton getting a bespoke leather from Gieves and Hawkes. I'll  admit to a little jealousy.

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Originally Posted by chinesealpha View Post

Phillip Lim for Target. This is happening.

When does it drop? Me want sweats
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Sept 15

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Did a quick round of shopping this weekend in San Francisco, weather was beautiful.

Barney's - ran into a fob couple decked out in all Gucci/Givenchy. Dude was trying on some Louboutin sneakers. Seemed like a lot of sizes (both clothing and shoes) were already gone in Balenciaga, Lanvin, MMM, Jil and Givenchy. Even Lim was looking pretty sparse. Geller had a tiny rack of mostly button down shirts and a couple T-shirts. Barena stuff is nicer in person than it looks online for the most part. Interesting to see BoO display between Jil and Dries. Felt like a lot less Boglioli than the last time I was there as well. There was a baby blue-ish Jil fur coat collar that was for sale. I almost wish I asked how much it was.

On the bright side: I convinced gf to check out some more SF-ish women's stuff. On the down side: she now has a ballpark idea of how much my jawnz cost. She's not a fan of the 5 zip confused.gif (or really any of my leathers) or my boots - looks "ghetto". There was only 1 black 5 zip left at $2150. Maybe I will ask her to take a proper fit pic sometime so I don't have to post surreptitious selfies at awkward angles.

Bloomingdales -EG rack was nowhere to be found (although they had almost a FSR on everything during the last sales - for better prices than almost every SF approved store was offering). Saw an interesting Junya tweed coat for about $1650. There was maybe half a rack worth of Ervell and everything looked tiny so I didn't bother.

Archive - closed on Sundays.

MAC - was closed by the time I would have been able to get over there.
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it was, but more of a tangent (hence freddy); i have a vague memory of a monster i thought was from HL that had a big bazooka in place of one arm and maybe just a stump on the other, that's what i was really looking for, but i was too impatient to search very long

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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Barena stuff is nicer in person than it looks online for the most part.

I was also really impressed with the Barena stuff I saw at Barney's in chicago. The materials were all very nice, and I'm a sucker for that kind of soft tailoring so of course I was into it. I would probably be saving up for a piece or two if I didn't already own like five casual blazers. Gonna be done with outerwear for a while...
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Only gripe with Barena is lack of matching bottoms
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Barena also goes for dirt cheap at yoox regularly as well as lesser known European stores. One gripe is though some arms I can't get my arms through and others are super baggy
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I always see (the same?) asian couple at Barneys, always wearing Givenchy/Louboutin/Balmain He bought some spiked Loubs last time lol.
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I am a stupid, weak young man. Coming to a decision between a black lamb CWU, brown lamb CWU, and brown lamb A-2 has brought me to questioning the very constitution of my being. foo.gif
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Brown a2 for dat shurrrrling
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I have a random urge to try out sufu-worthy unsanforized jeans because I found a pair with a modern cut on sale for a reasonable price.
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I recall seeing a black cwu with a stand collar on here and that thing was better looking than any a2 I've ever seen
Never been a fan of the pointy stiff leather collars either
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i finally signed up for college at 23


scared as fuck

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