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It's not really wax.  It's usually a polyurethane coating of some sort.  

Most poly coating lasts a long time and its always shiny( at least from my experience). If they are matte and get shiny with wear they are a type of wax.
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i've just watched this. stunning cinematography, the landscape shots are breathtaking and the dizzying heights leave you with a sense of anxiety. a powerful feudal lord divides his empire among his heirs, madness ensues...
Akira Kurosawa's Ran [1985] (Click to show)

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i really regret not buying any of the uniqlo linen shirts

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I spent Sunday doing some late summer sale wandering in Aoyama and Harajuku. I was a bit disappointed with Rugged Museum (Free & Easy magazine's in-house store) - a lot of the designs seemed to use rather poorly-thought out colourways and they definitely look better in the magazine shots than in real life. I was tempted by a camo jacket and vest combination, but then realised that I really don't want to look like I'm trying to copy Nick Wooster. Rugged Factory, their other somewhat cheaper outlet, actually seemed to have more interesting things - like suit separates in indigo-dyed fabric used for judogi. Beams+ was good. They carry OrSlow jeans, which I like, but not in the sale of course... I picked up a couple of their own label madras shirts that were though.

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any of you guys going to burning man come visit me at Another Castle at 9:30 & GDP ! whoooooooo
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where to cop lavender tee?

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Originally Posted by Bam!ChairDance View Post

have you also checked out the left field sulfur-dyed jeans? those looked promising

details on a lot of the left field denim is really cool. not sure how I feel about the red pockets paired with black denim. about as cheesy a color combo as exists
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I only buy black clothing if it comes with red pocket bags. Even if it's a garment that wouldn't usually have pocket bags to begin with, such as a beanie or gloves. I find the red complements the black in a way that gives me a sense of calm. Often when I'm stressed I stick my hand inside the pocket bag and stroke the red. Stroking red feels nice.
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fucking crazy

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Went to look at some cars with my mom and aunt for my aunt and it's astounding how little car salesmen know about their own products. This was a fleet manager as well, unreal and he was dancing around my questions without answering any of them.

Before that we went to car max to get an appraisal on selling her car and the manager there was from those commercials where he was friendly, informative and knowledgable. Almost too perfect.
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Yeah dealers are a joke, only way to properly buy a car is through dealer auctions
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aw shit breezy have fun at burning man! post pics!

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— What's worse than gorilla arms? sup sipang
— Just one gorilla arm (for $17K)

Jesus christ on a bicycle look at the unholy elbow on that thing, is she hiding elephantiasis under there?
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Looks like something out of Resident Evil from afar
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