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(Since I don't know where that movie thread went...) Hooded chunky knit in Fritz Lang's Woman in the Moon (1929).

Think Margiela should mark the centennial with a replica?

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Epaulet is just trying (and succeeding) at being a one-stop shop for GQ-obsessed NYC #menswear douchebags who don't really have a clue about putting outfits together or cultivating style. These guys don't want to shop around, just get decent and boring looking stuff all in the same place. Those GATS will fly off the shelves.



*all posters in the epaulet thread collectively throw up arms and put on a face like that one stanleyvanburen picture*



hey what's going on here

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i just realized zaptiste is shah. i've been gone too long patch[1].gif
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I still don't know what the fuck happened to twee_spirit, I loved that guy
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don't worry guys the epaulet thread is its own self contained dimension, nobody who regularly posts in there actually belongs to sf

after reading some bad reviews on the quality of late model halliburton think i'm going to go with the b&r, just don't know if I should get the one with the blazer/suit hanger or not though I am leaning in that direction

fuuma and fok what's a good price? the carry on i'm looking at is around 450 before discounts so around 400 or so is that about right? i like the shoe sleeves fosho
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^rimowa is nice too
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eagerly await kingjulian burning man waywt

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What I imagine would have happened if I had posted what I was originally going to write:



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Sooo.....when will Synth make a new account?


Originally Posted by Synthese View Post
I have, several times actually, but they all get banned


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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^rimowa is nice too

can't stand spinning casters bro they're so vile
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I've considered making a new account multiple times because I fucking hate this username, but I'm waiting for the right moment.
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you do realize you can have your sn changed
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No, I didn't. Why didn't you tell me this sooner you jerk.
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i wanted you to suffer
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i just sold a lot of my (pre-weight-loss) clothes.  although most were more than 6 years old, i feel strange like i've lost something of myself.  am i just being irrational?

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