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Self-measurements for shoulders are pretty difficult to do properly, but from the sounds of it you're a large 48/small 50 in Italian/EU sizing, and a 38/40 in US Suit/Jacket Sizing.


For a direct comparison, I'm a tiny 44, and my shoulders are ~15.5" and chest is ~33"

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You guys are so nice
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Not sure where to post this..... but its probably the most accurate (at least for my foot/size) shoe size chart I have even seen

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Wait what?
How does 40=8.5 US?
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Damn, Siki Im MA-1 in size 1 fits nearly perfect (little tight along the back, but fits loose in body, would probably look weird a size up); was kind of hoping I wouldn't like it, was a bit pricey
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Originally Posted by melonadejello View Post

Wait what?
How does 40=8.5 US?

If you are talking 'designer' size that is pretty accurate.
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lol business of fashion
Choosing to beat its own retail path by eschewing prime, or “AAA,” locations, the label has, previously, approached store expansion with a fair degree of caution. But, in keeping with its name, Acne is currently experiencing a teenage-like growth spurt — and a boost in confidence as well.
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I had no idea Acne was so popular. Last time I handled some of their stuff (maybe a year ago?) everything felt cheap, especially leathers. Prices are kinda ridiculous given the quality, imo.
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The way the brand developed is pretty interesting though. And their magazine is great.
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The article was cool, just laughed at that line
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I like the fisherman story.
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I found that trying stuff on in a store is really the only way to go. Measurements are often misleading, and don't take into account such things as cut.
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Also, if something is not available in your area you probably shouldn't be wearing it anyway. Location synergy.
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more aphorisms please
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