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Originally Posted by sipang View Post

You gotta admire the genius move of recontextualizing unsold previously discounted inventory as 'archive' and the consequent price jacking. Respect.

"Stuff you can buy at the sample sale for 80% off" just didn't have the right ring to it....
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anyone have experience with leather converse hightops? worth it or garbage?
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So many good SS stuff on yahoo Japan auctions
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Ssshhhh, don't go telling everyone
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Originally Posted by bows1 View Post

Originally Posted by nahneun View Post

what is that? looks awesome

Tamale overdye.
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Over dyed tamale? That's the last thing I would think of. Attention to detail is pretty amazing

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It is beautiful, but it really does look like a tamale in its texture lol

Maybe that was his inspiration
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More likely ^.

Also, I wore a fit with zero brand synergy yesterday. It felt great: Zam Barret Echadh wool l/s in maroon + black APC + white/white AJ1.
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Originally Posted by zapatiste View Post

is there anybody in LA that may have some free time , head over to Hollywood next weekend ? holla atcha boy if you do :-)





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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

damn haven't had a joong in years. my grandma used to make them from scratch. i remember getting scolded by her as i would only eat the fillings but not the rice. the salted egg yoke was the best part.
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As a SWDer with limited budget and a need for an interview blazer, where should I look? I want something nicer than Uniqlo, but JCrew's blazers have super weirdly skinny cuffs.
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Not sure the quality is any nicer than Uniqlo, and might not work out timing wise, but maybe something like COS?
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yep, i think cos are probably the nicest you'll find at that price point
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I don't mind paying more- I figure about 500 is fair. But I'd like to get decent patterning for the price.
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What exactly are you looking for? You can get a decent suit on sale for $500, CK Collection always has a nice cut more regular/athletic build types if you go to a bigger Macy's they usually have stuff that isn't too fashiony if that's what your looking for.
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